Thursday, 25 May 2017

BHG's Knitting & Crochet Collection 2017

The cover of the 2017 Better Homes & Gardens Knitting & Crochet Collection magazine displays a tan leather lounge setting featuring two bright throw rugs and cushion in tropical colours plus a round footstool or pouffe covered in round tapestry crochet and tassels. Three round inset photographs display a baby, man and woman respectively modelling their outfits of  light grey-blue pom pom baby hat and tunic, dark blue polo jumper and red beanie and coat. Starbursts in the top right corner announce "75 fabulous patterns you'll love" and "Big bonus learner's guide" . Headlines: "Warm up winter with snuggly throws", "Looking hot in cool jumpers and beanies" and " Wrap up littlies in cuddly creations"
Magazine Cover:
Better Homes & Gardens

Your Knitting & Crochet Collection
For you, him and the kids

 I couldn't help myself.  This year's Better Homes & Gardens annual Knitting & Crochet special issue was on display so I grabbed a copy to see what was being promoted in the Australian yarncrafting scene.

Its release coincided with Wool Week Australia which was from 13–21 May 2017.  Last year, I didn't see the annual special issue until August. It makes more sense to release it in May to give people time to make their winter warmers before the cold truly sets in.  This is my assessment of this year's magazine.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Melancholy Mothers' Day

A Mothers' Day card, home-made of light blue card. Three flowers are lined up side by side. The stems are drawn with green pencil. The flower heads are made of paper circles which have scalloped edges folded upwards to make petals raised above the card. Each flower head has a flat centre glued against the card. From left to right the flowers are orange, red and yellow with the centre red flower slightly taller than the other two.
My children made me this card for Mothers' Day 2017.
The home-made ones are always the most precious,
don't you think?

The second Sunday in May is Mothers' Day in Australia.

While celebrating Mothers' Day with my own family last Sunday, there was another mum in my thoughts.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Mayday! Mayday! RAH, rah, rah!

Above-view of a posy of flowers - pink and white roses, white lillies and white carnations with green filling plant (maybe gypsophila).
"Get Well" flowers

It was a Mayday call on a Monday May Day morning that brought about the ambulance ride, through peak hour traffic, to a major city hospital.