Saturday, 25 June 2016

Flower Power Exhibition, Adelaide 2016

After much anticipation, I was lucky enough to see Prudence Mapstone's "Flower Power" exhibition for myself, in real life, when it came to Adelaide as part of the 'Stitches & Craft Show' in May 2016.

This post is full of photos of the amazing crochet and knitting work that makes "Flower Power" so awesome.  Greetings and thanks go out to Prudence, Stephen and Cat who kindly gave me permission to take as many photos as I like and to share them here.  Enjoy!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Pattern & Rhyme Bunny Style

Side view of tri-colour Dutch bunny in front of wooden and wire hutch. Bunny is facing towards the left with a piece of hay sticking out of his mouth.
Max finishes off a piece of hay.

Max loves eating hay.
He loves nibbling on all sorts of things which prompted a little rhyme and a list of bunny-themed crochet patterns.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Adelaide Maker Faire 2016 – Call For Makers!

Image from Adelaide Mini Maker Faire 2015 programme
Image from Adelaide Mini Maker Faire 2015 Program

The call is open for makers to participate in this year's Adelaide Maker Faire which will be held on 6 November at Tonsley, South Australia. Did you notice it has had its title changed to the upmarket "Maker Faire Adelaide 2016".  It is no longer a 'Mini' Maker Faire since the 2015 one was such a success! 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Crochet to Extend Life

Close-up photo of the two border patterns, juxtaposed diagonally. The top has a filet pattern of two open squares followed by  a closed square. This is repeated row on row to give an effect of 1-square wide columns and spaces between them that are 2 squares wide, with a solid filet border of tr around the outside edge.  The bottom filet crochet  border has a chequerboard arrangement of open and solid squares. The outside edge is a round of open filet squares and a round of solid dc.
Crochet is not only a fun creative activity, but also a practical skill that can save you money.

If you are interested in recycling and re-using, making do and mending, to both save money and care for the environment, you will be pleased to discover that crochet can add years of extra usefulness to household items.