Thursday, 16 June 2016

Pattern & Rhyme Bunny Style

Side view of tri-colour Dutch bunny in front of wooden and wire hutch. Bunny is facing towards the left with a piece of hay sticking out of his mouth.
Max finishes off a piece of hay.

Max loves eating hay.
He loves nibbling on all sorts of things which prompted a little rhyme and a list of bunny-themed crochet patterns.




 Above view of tri-colour bunny (ginger, black and white) with his white muzzle on a white sports shoe. The shapes on the left are the cuffs of blue jeans and a pair of white shoes. Bunny is mainly ginger with a large white patch across his side and back.

One, two,
Nibble my shoe.

Side view of bunny on hind legs scratching at a door to be let through.

Three, four,
Scratch at the door.

Max, the tri-colour Dutch bunny in front of his hutch. He has a thin grey brance on the mat in front of him. He is a ginger colour with a white blaze on his face and white feet.

Five, six,
Chewing on sticks.

Above view of Max the tri-colour Dutch bunny stretched out on an old quilt, his body curved around a mini plush rabbit toy.

Seven, eight,
Cuddles are great.

Closer view of Max the bunny nibbling the sports shoe. One can see his right side which has a large white patch against ginger colouring. His face is ginger with black flecks at the sides and a white blaze on his forehead and muzzle. The sports shoe is white with a purple accent.

Nine, ten,
Let's do it again!

Bunny is lying on his side on the floor underneath the chair and between the chair and table legs with his eyes closed. His body is stretched out.
Good night! 



Please enjoy this list of bunny patterns with photos of those that I have crocheted. Hoppy Happy Hooking!

"Richard Rabbit" crocheted toy sitting in the fork of a tree. The toy is white with purple inner ears, dark purple eyes and a mauve/purple crocheted bow around its neck.
"Richard Rabbit"
(Made by Jodiebodie, March 2007)
Pattern: "Richard Rabbit" by Lesley Stanfield 2005
Yarn: Panda Carnival 8 ply 100% wool
Hook: 2.5 mm
"Richard Rabbit" was the first toy I ever crocheted. The children liked him so much that I made two more based on a pattern from Lesley Stanfield's 2005 book, Adorable Crochet for Babies and Toddlers.

They were all made of 8 ply (DK) yarn and are great stashbusters. A pom pom tail enables bunny to sit upright. They are 24 cm long from ears to toes.

"Amethyst Rabbit" was a gift for a little girl who needed comfort in a hurry. She loves pink, purple and flowers. Luckily I had some in the stash. A little crocheted applique provided the floral finish for a 'girlie-girl'.   

The same toy design as "Richard Rabbit" except in pink with dark purple inner ears and nose.  This rabbit has a dark purple flower applique on its body and a purple crocheted ribbon around its neck tied in a bow. It is sitting on the edge of the garden bed.
"Amethyst Rabbit"
(Made by Jodiebodie, April 2007)
Pattern: "Richard Rabbit"
by Lesley Stanfield 2005
Yarn: remnant 8 ply acrylic

This toy rabbit is the same design as Richard Rabbit. The body and inner ears adn eyes are sky blue; the arms, legs, face and ears are white with a pink embroidered nose. It is sitting amongst the foliage of a grevillea bush.
"Rosie Rabbit"
(Made by Jodiebodie, April 2007)
Pattern: "Richard Rabbit"
by Lesley Stanfield 2005
Yarn: Panda Carnival 8 ply wool
& remnant acrylic

A black rabbit called 'Smokey' is looking at a yellow 'rabbit' phone cover which is leaning against the garden bed sleeper.  The phone cover is oblong with stick on 'googly' eyes, a camera lens for a nose and a mouth and whiskers embroidered in black thread. The ears are short and rectangular.
"Bunny Phone Cover Mark II"
(Made by Jodiebodie May 2010)
Based on a pattern in Stoller 2006:
"Cozy Pod Creatures" by Cynthia Combs
Yarn: Size 5 rayon
Hook: 1.5 mm

My bunny phone cover was inspired by a screen saver on my Nokia 6300 mobile phone. The camera lens became bunny's nose.

Mobile phone inside the rabbit cover. The screen side is covered in clear plastic sheet and bordered by yellow crochet. The yellow 'ears' can be seen at the top. The screen shows a green background with a yellow rabbit poking its head out of a black hole.
Nokia 6300 with bunny screen saver.
A hole would appear on the green and a bunny
would pop up, look about and then
disappear down the hole again! 
Then another hole would appear somewhere
else on the green and so forth...


My first amigurumi friend was a tiny, lop-eared Easter bunny (free pattern from Lion Brand), photographed here with balls of yarn to give a sense of scale.

My youngest child named it , "Poppy, the hoppy loppy" and known as, "Hoppy Loppy" ever since.

Three skeins of baby yarn next to which sits a white lop-eared amigurumi bunny, no bigger than a skein of yarn.  The bunny has a white body, head, arms and legs with yellow feet and very long yellow ears which almost touch the ground when the rabbit is seated.The face is embroidered with black thread.
"Hoppy Loppy"
(Made by JodiebodieApril 2010)
Pattern: "Best Bunny", Lion Brand
Yarn: sport/baby weight acrylic
Hook: not recorded

Bordered by a cross stitch floral pattern, this amigurumi bunny has a blue body, head and ears with white arms and legs.  The white face is appliqued with embroidered features - black eyes and pink nose and mouth. A white appliqued love heart features on the chest.
"Heartfelt Baby Boy Blue Bunny"
(Made by Jodiebodie April 2011)
Pattern: "Amigurumi Heartfelt Bunny"
by Lion Brand
Yarn: Panda Carnival 8 ply Acrylic
Kmart Homemaker Everyday 8 ply Acrylic
Hook: 5 mm
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A crocheted baby bib with the shapes of a white rabbit head and ears worked in intarsia.  The face is embroidered in black thread except for the nose which is satin stitched in an apricot pink.
"Bunny Bib"
(Made by Jodiebodie August 2009)
Pattern: "Nursery Favourites"
Creative Needles Issue 15, 1991
Yarn: Milford Soft Knitting & Crochet Cotton 4 ply
Hooks: 2.5 mm & 3 mm
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  1. Max is adorable and I just loved all the photos with the rhyme. Certainly some great patterns.

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      The rhyme came about because, every time Max wanted to nibble on my shoe, I couldn't help but sing to myself (and Max),"One, two, nibble my shoe" instead of "buckle my shoe" like the old nursery rhyme. Like little children and puppies, young bunnies like to explore using their mouths and teeth. I am amazed at how sharp his teeth are because they can cut through things with very little effort at all (hence chewing on sticks instead of my shoes!)

      Thanks for the feedback about the pattern list. There are so many great bunny patterns around - too many to list every one but I have tried to include a variety of projects and styles. Do you have a favourite bunny pattern at all? I am trying to choose a favourite and simply can not - they are all good!
      Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Your Max is so adorable and almost the same color as mine. Give those ears a little pat for me.

    1. Hi Meredith,
      Yes, our pets' coats match each other very well when it comes to colour and perhaps in weight as well. Your Max looks like he has a lovely thick, warm coat. While my Max's hair is not as long, it is very plush and hard to tell how much of his width is purely fur!
      Max is receiving lots of pats and cuddles. I will think of you and your Max as I pat mine. I hope your Max is as comfy as can be. There is no question that he is loved very dearly.
      Have a nice weekend! xx

  3. I love your bunny counting rhyme 😃 have a great week Jodie xx

    1. Hi Sharon, I hope it made you you have me trying to think of a crochet counting rhyme - all I can think of is "fifty-six, nifty sticks!" (knitting needles and crochet hooks).
      I hope your week is going well also. Cheers! :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Your blog has inspired me, Amalia!
      Thank you for visiting - always nice to see your name amongst the comments. :-)

  5. Hello Jodie!

    Hope you are well! :) Your bunny Max looks so sweet! Love your little rhyme! And the bunnies you have already made are lovely, but my very favourite is the bib, just how cute is that???

    Have a lovely weekend! (here it was really very hot yesterday!)
    Ingrid xx

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      Do you like the hot weather? It's a chance to wear airy crochet lace in beautiful, breathable cottons and linens. Summer time is also good for making those little projects like little toys etc.

      When I was a girl, I wasn't one for plush toys but my children love them. Their favourite was a knitted mouse called "Squeaky" and they were devastated when he was accidentally lost into the wall cavity between their bedrooms (long story) That's where I think Squeaky is (a typical place for a mouse to hide, don't you think?) Anyway, as a Mum, it is worth all the fiddling with tiny pieces when the children are so appreciative of my efforts. I'm fortunate that my children are more interested in having something unique and special instead of shop-bought goods that are seen everywhere.

      Bibs have been popular gifts. That bunny bib is my favourite one. It felt like it took ages to make because of lots of rows of dc (Aus/UK) in a fine 4 ply yarn. I'm especially pleased with it because the intarsia and embroidery are so neat. I am clumsy with embroidery and it took a lot of effort to achieve the stitching on this bib, so thank you, Ingrid, for your compliments.

      I hope your weather is just how you like it and not too hot or cold. It has been very cold in southern parts of Australia this week with many regions having snowfalls. I've been making great use of my stock of beanies and gloves and felt thankful for the gift of crochet. It is a wonderful and practical craft.

      Have fun with all of your fun projects.
      Jodie xx