Friday 5 June 2020

Time for Tricot (Going Potty)

When I need calming, I reach for crochet. It truly is a sanity saver.

Today I'm working on some tricot. You might know it as Tunisian crochet but Australians have been calling it tricot for decades so that's what I call it. It feels very much like a knitting process as I work it so, to my mind, 'tricot' describes the craft very well - knitting with a hook!

This is an example of honeycomb stitch. It's easy to reproduce.*

Sunday 24 May 2020

Covid-City Kangaroo

While the city of Adelaide was in lockdown, the streets were so quiet that the kangaroos came right into the central business district to explore the city streets. There are a few kangaroos that frequent the city's parklands and railway corridors!

One of them was followed by CCTV into the CBD* - this kangaroo meant business!

Friday 3 April 2020

Bouncing Back to Blogland (Update)

Hello! I am a crocheted kangaroo joey with a fawn face, dark facial features, red ears and pouch, purple limbs and a striped body with white chest.
a new friend!

Well! Here I am, quarantining myself at home–what better opportunity to get back to blogging. As services shut down, appointments cancel, and the clamour of outside demands subsides, the slower pace is welcome.

My goal is to use this time to catch up on a lot of things, especially crochet and blogging, and I would love to have you along if you will join me.   

Sunday 9 February 2020

The House at Lake Conjola

A satellite view of the Conjola Lake and surrounds. The fire damaged areas are indicated with red markings.
Image: Google Maps
Lake Conjola is a small community on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, ravaged by bushfire this tragic summer.

This part of the world is very dear to me and my family.  If you would like to help this community recover and rebuild, read on!

Friday 3 January 2020

Fires and Floods

Australia is on fire.

Jakarta is underwater.

Norway is having a heatwave during Winter.

"Climate change isn't real" say politicians.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

Four-letter Words!

The reason for no blog posts since September is a new word in the vocabulary

which has 4 letters:


I am not a person to regularly use four-letter words, 
but this one definitely IS one