Friday, 3 January 2020

Fires and Floods

Australia is on fire.

Jakarta is underwater.

Norway is having a heatwave during Winter.

"Climate change isn't real" say politicians.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Four-letter Words!

The reason for no blog posts since September is a new word in the vocabulary

which has 4 letters:


I am not a person to regularly use four-letter words, 
but this one definitely IS one

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Saturday, 14 September 2019

On Show!

My self-designed broomstick lace slouch beanie
in the cabinet at the Royal Adelaide Show 2019!
[Photo: D.M.]

I nearly didn't make it to the 
Royal Adelaide Show this year
even though my work was entered 
and on display!

Friday, 16 August 2019

Scrappy Lucky Dog

A crocheted dog sits surrounded by small balls and skeins of scrap yarn in different colours. The dog is light brown with a black patch on one ear and white patches on two feet and on its tail.
Crocheted puppy plays with scraps of yarn.

Moving house?
Cleaning out?
Going overseas?

Got a stash to sort?

Here's a cute stashbuster!

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Festive Shamrocks to the Rescue

A dark green shamrock crocheted from sparkly metallic yarn on a white background.
"We've been invited to an Irish-themed birthday party
and have nothing to wear!"

"Wear something green."

"I don't have anything green in my wardrobe."

"Okay. Maybe I have something green in the yarn stash ..."