Friday, 3 January 2020

Fires and Floods

Australia is on fire.

Jakarta is underwater.

Norway is having a heatwave during Winter.

"Climate change isn't real" say politicians.

Regarding the bushfires on Australia's east coast: 
I have family ties to the New South Wales south coast - 
Lake Conjola, Milton, Mogo, 
Bega, Broulee, Moruya 
and many places in between.  

It's devastating.


BBC, "Jakarta floods: 'Not ordinary rain', say officials", British Broadcasting Corporation, 2 January 2020:

DW, "Australian PM Scott Morrison angers residents as country burns", Deutsche Welle, Germany, 2 January 2020:
During Morrison's visit, one inhabitant shouted, "You won't be getting any votes down here, buddy. No Liberal [party] votes - you're out, son."

DW, "Scandinavia goes tropical as heat wave heads north" [online article], Deutsche Welle, Germany, 27 July 2019:

The Local Norway,  "Two days into 2020, Norway has already broken temperature records twice", The Local, 2 January 2020:
Granerød described Thursday morning’s weather as “like a fine summer’s day in Norway”.


  1. My heart goes out to all those affected by these devastating events.

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      The best way to help is to donate to the Red Cross Australian Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. Organisations don't have enough resources to deal with donations of goods such as clothing etc. because those things require extra people, warehousing, logistics etc. Right now, people need money. It is quick and easy to distribute straight to the people who need it. The Red Cross link is below:
      Thank you for your care.

  2. I know it is all just horrific. So much of California was on fire this year. We had temps over 95 degrees for days and days, that never happens here near the coast. Praying you are safe my friend, you have been in my thoughts as I read the horrible news.

    1. California, Greece, so many places have been devastated by wild fires. I am safe in Adelaide but we have had many smokey hazy days because of the particulates in the air from so many fires - in Western Australia, on the Nullarbor, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Hills and Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, Victoria and along the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales. Last week the sun looked like an orange moon even when still high in the sky. It was very ominous. My skin has been itching and burning from whatever the wind is carrying on it but I am lucky to live where I live. It's not totally immune from bushfire but lower risk than many places.

  3. It is devastating. And it makes me so angry that the so-called leaders of the world do nothing except continue to wage war and cause chaos. Old men who think that this life is a game of battle ship. They care nothing about the impact they are having and want nothing to do with peace. The earth suffers because of fools. Praying that 2020 will be a year of vision and the much needed change. In the meantime each one of us can do our part even in the smallest of ways. Sending blessings, light and love your way. Take care!

    1. Well said, Tammy. Well said.
      I feel that 2020 will be a big year for change and upheaval.
      Something in the world needs to change and it's likely to come from ordinary people - we are seeing it in Australia now: the real leadership after the bushfires is coming from ordinary people in the community, putting the political 'leaders' to shame. I sense a welling up of discontent from ordinary people around the world about the lack of leadership and abuse of democratic powers. We need to lead with compassion and love in our decisions to heal the hurt in the world.

  4. It is devastating. So sad for the people and animals and the world as we watch in horror and feel so helpless. I am thinking of you and all your loved ones dear friend.

    1. The best way to help is to donate to the charitable funds such as the Red Cross Australian Disaster Relief and Recovery fund:
      or by helping communities recover by visiting the tourist places again when it is safe and helping them get their businesses back up and running.
      I have relatives in the fire areas on the NSW South Coast. My relatives are lucky so far but they have friends who have lost their homes.

      Meanwhile there is a great worry about Kangaroo Island, South Australia. There was a koala population set up on Kangaroo Island as insurance when the Eastern populations were being decimated by introduced problems like chlamydia. The southern species of koala is different to the northern ones because they are suited to the different climates - different in size, coat etc. so just because there are koala populations in other parts of Australia outside of the fires, they aren't necessarily the same.

      Also kangaroo island is the last refuge for the Ligurian Bee. The last remaining colony of that pure strain in the world. The entire Flinders Chase national park has been wiped out and the fire was out of control last time I heard. It is a tragedy. We are yet to know of the fate of so many animal and plant species.

      Crafters are busy making joey pouches, bat wraps, nesting boxes and other items to help animal rescuers in their task.

  5. I am so horrified by the news coming from Australia (and other parts of the world). We've had bush fires around here but nothing like yours - I read that the area on fire is much larger than our whole country. I hope that you are keeping safe! I'm also making animal wraps for the RSPCA.

    1. Oh Amalia, you are so good for making animal wraps for the RSPCA. Thank you on behalf of all the animals in need.
      I am safe this season so far in metropolitan Adelaide; but as the Canberra bushfires in 2003 and the Sydney bushfires this year have shown, metropolitan area are not necessarily immune to wild fires.
      I am in a relatively safe zone with plenty of escape routes so no need to worry about me right now!
      My friend Raphaela has provided a good account of the typical experiences of people in the greater Sydney region with links to charities that are accepting donations of money and goods.
      Her blog is called Hummingbird Redemption: