Friday, 15 February 2013

Stitch For Summer: Watch This Space

This steel sculpture, commissioned by Glenelg Council in 1978, is called "Rhythm" and was created by world-renowned Adelaide sculptor Greg Johns.

You will find it on the foreshore at Glenelg, usually with children clambering all over it. It is a popular icon which is about to be transformed for the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Now I have a confession: I got involved with a local arts project for this year's Fringe Festival called "Stitch for Summer" and it involves yarnbombing the Rhythm sculpture (yay, no trees involved!). Because this event is in my region I decided to investigate and was sent home with a bag of knitted squares to crochet together! 

I attended a couple of workshops where lots of smaller pieces are joined together in readiness for installation this weekend for the launch of the festival and will stay on display for a month until the festival closes, unless the pieces 'go missing' beforehand.

The commissioned artist/facilitator, Irmina van Niele, says that for every yarnbomb in which she has been involved, the pieces barely last 24 hours, mysteriously disappearing. I wonder what will happen with this one since it has been commissioned by the local council for the express purpose of the Fringe.

I am keen to see the finished product because the sculpture is a local favourite and the sculptor is also aware and interested in the result.

The final workshop will be this Saturday 16th February in which we will install the yarn on the sculpture. I'm sure anyone in Adelaide who wants to come will be welcome. It will be a case of all hands on deck.

For more information, or contact the project officer Jenni Reynolds


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