Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Crochet Idyll

My favourite things: crochet and the beach,
How lovely to put them together this week.
A new project grows, with the tricot stitch,
Can you keep it secret? I'll give you a peek.
Life doesn't get any better than this,
I'd like you to share in my week's crochet bliss!


  1. Beautiful, what a great place to crochet!!

    1. Crochet is not restricted to indoors.

      The beach has spiritual significance for me and has been a part of my healing journey.

      For a long time, ill health and frailty prevented me from going to the beach at all; getting onto the sand was impossible until very recently.

      Consistent work over the years to regain strength, plus a lucky 2012 gave back to me the simple pleasures of the beach. The feeling of sand between my toes was reason to rejoice!

      A happy day indeed when these photos were taken.