Friday, 13 December 2013

Sneak Peek: WIPs & Workspaces

Crochet is such an easy, compact, portable hobby. Usually my tools and materials confine themselves to my wicker basket but this week I took a step back to notice that everything had surreptitiously spread right across my work area!

Here's a snapshot with a sneak peek of work in progress.

This project is a combination of existing patterns and my own designs.

While engrossed in my calculations and crochet, I didn't pay attention to anything else I was doing except for a narrow focus on the work in hand.

At length, I rested my hook momentarily and was very surprised to discover the usually tidy, organised implements sprawled all over the place, covering almost all of the work surface.

I wonder what this disorderly scene says about me and the way my brain works.

I wonder: how do other people organise themselves and their workspace?  What do you do?

Is there madness to your method?
Do you have a favourite place to craft?
What does it look like?
Are you lucky enough to have a dedicated space where you can keep works in progress?  Do tell!

I like to crochet from my basket whenever I am out and about, or lounging on the couch or in bed. It is so portable - important because I don't have a separate craft room or even a "craft corner" in my home.  When a crochet session is finished, my basket keeps everything tucked away safe and sound from a busy household.

Whenever a project is more complex I will work at the old table (pictured above) which is by a large window. The bright, but diffuse, natural light illuminates the work area for most of the day and is my preferred workplace for dark coloured yarns.

The only thing missing in this picture is a cuppa. Gee, I must have been working hard!


  1. I think it's a delightful picture of busyness. You're right; it could do with a cuppa.

    1. Well, I did have a cuppa as soon as I finished this post; the only thing missing was the company ;-)

      As I came to reply to you, I re-read the blog entry and noticed funny wording - "crochet from my basket" sounds like I was sitting in a basket like Smokey Bunny!

      I hope you understood what I meant. Do you have any editorial suggestions?