Thursday, 3 April 2014

First of the Autumn Scarves

At last! The first three scarves of Autumn 2014 are finished and ready to greet the world.

Some took longer than others, but I am proud of my self-designed silk mohair scarves. 

These scarves have been a long time in the making  since June 2013!

<Ahem!> That's not strictly true. Life got in the way during 2013 and I had to put the first of these aside, to be picked up again in January this year. 

Each scarf took a month on average to complete from foundation chain to completion of blocking. 

They can be made quicker than that, but with the flurry of a new calendar year and the whirlwind of back-to-school paperwork etc., there were fleeting opportunities to give these scarves my full attention (when the brain and body were also capable).

While the pattern is simple enough, the process can be painstaking because mistakes are nigh impossible to undo due to mohair's tendency to matt together as it is hooked through the loops.

Therefore I took my time with each stitch, making sure I was in a sharp but relaxed frame of mind to get the best results.

I have previously described the attributes of this particular yarn in "Scrumptious & Sumptuous Stash" while "Scarf, Anyone?" explains how these lighter-than-air scarves hold their warmth.

Yarn: Alchemy Haiku silk mohair
Weight: Very fine, lace weight, 2 ply (US)
Hooks: 5.5 mm & 6.00 mm


Started in June 2013.
Completed in January 2014.

Montreat Path.

7" / 18 cm x 65" / 165 cm.

Inspired by nature, this scarf reminds me of walking through the bush in New South Wales with rich soils and green ferns.

The fringe is made of leaf motifs, green on one end, brown on the other.  
Interlocking fringe

When worn next to each other, the leaves of the fringe interlock to produce an interplay of the two colours (left).


Started in February 2014.
Completed in March 2014.

ColoursMontreat Path & Red Run.

7" / 18 cm x 73" / 185 cm.

The name of this scarf is in keeping with the 'land' theme; the tones of this scarf evoke images of the red earth and colours found in the arid heart of the country.  

The sheen of the silk has a beautiful depth of colour which comes to the fore when the sun comes out.

"Lotus Flower"
"Lotus Flower"

Started in March 2014.
Completed in March 2014.

Colours: Charm School & Secret Agent Blue.

8" / 20 cm x 75" / 190 cm.

The gentle waves of blue and green remind me of still water reflecting a blue sky; the perfect backdrop for the vivid pink of spectacular lotus flowers. 

These scarves are destined for Gallery M as mentioned in the April Update.  

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  1. They are gorgeous and they do look like they take a lot of concentration and patience, that yarn is beautiful x

  2. Thank you, Emma. While it does take patience, there are techniques to make it easier to work with fine silk mohair like this. I hope to share some tips in a future blog entry soon.

  3. Oooo these are so pretty Jodie! Very nice..

    1. Thank you Amber :-) If only you could touch them as well as see them - this yarn is soooo soft.
      How are your yarns coming along?