Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Toying with Twitter


You may have noticed a new button on the right sidebar—a link so you can find and 'follow' me on Twitter.

I know, I know, after all I said during the 2014 Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, here I am with a Twitter account!

In the past I questioned the need for a plethora of social media platforms.  

"I cannot see a need apart from sharing information but
 I have a blog for that, and email for personal correspondence (

I still wouldn't say it is a need, as much as a different convenience.  I discovered that many of my favourite crochet designers use Twitter frequently to share patterns and news.  I also have some personal friends who use Twitter as their main online social medium so it is useful to have an extra avenue for communication.

Isn't that what email is for? I use email for personal business correspondence and for private correspondence between close friends and family.  I also use it for Lupey Loops correspondence.

I don't necessarily want my private email inbox being cluttered up with links to funny pictures or other lower priorities. That 'social stuff' is well catered by Facebook, Pinterest, blogging etc.

The purpose of Lupey Loops is for documenting, sharing and connecting with others about crochet and issues around autoimmune disease and disability. Harking back to the original definition of a blog, a web-log, I am trying to be disciplined in restricting content to that which is pertinent to my own experiences and thoughts, and those of my readers.

It is tempting to use Lupey Loops to share all sorts of crochet stories from around the world because there are so many amazing stories to read and projects to discover, but then it wouldn't necessarily be a personal web-log, or journal, would it?

That's where Twitter comes in.  It was a perfect solution to share an Australian yarnbombing project in which I had absolutely no involvement, (and therefore not a lot to write about here) but wanted to tell everyone about. 

[The Holbrook Yellow Submarine on display until 12 July:]

Twitter can become a tool for:

  • participating in real-time activities like 'webinars' (the original purpose for my Twitter account)
  • browsing through crochet designers' news
  • posting updates about Lupey Loops posts etc.
  • sharing links that may be unrelated to my personal experience
  • sharing links for which I am not dedicating a blog entry, but may be of interest to you

Lupey Loops and email ( remain my main points of contact and I love getting to know everyone through these media and discovering new blogs and bloggers.

The amount of fabulous work online is increasing every week; which leaves little time to spend with Twitter but if you would like to connect with me there you are most welcome:

I can't promise to visit or use Twitter every day, but that's another adventure!

We had some discussion about Twitter and social media through the comments on Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 7—Looking Forward, Looking Back. Since that time, I have noticed mainstream media (particularly radio) using Twitter to share photographs and have used Twitter to view these and keep up with news.  Has your opinion or use of Twitter changed lately or is it becoming more entrenched?

What do you think of Twitter? 


Holbrook Yellow Submarine yarn bombing project Facebook page, Holbrook, New South Wales, 12 June–12 July 2014:
This event celebrates The Centenary of Australian Submarines 1914-2014, International Yarn Bombing Day (7 June), the Holbrook Sheep & Wool Fair
(11 – 13 June) and 50 years since the Beatles landed in Australia.

Lupey Loops, "Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 7—Looking Forward, Looking Back" blog entry, 4 June 2014:


Twitter, Jodiebodie profile:

Twitter Help Centre:
This page links to basic information about Twitter


  1. I don't have twitter but if I had I would follow you. Good luck and lots of fun with your adventures in twitter-land!
    Take care

  2. What a nice thing to say, Anne! :-) Thank you!