Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Parcel of Pure Joy

I love meeting people and learning
about faraway places. 

Last week I was lucky enough
 to have a package arrive
all the way from
New Zealand
with the cutest and
most amazing contents.

If you know the names Julie Harrison or Kate Bruning or have visited the blogs Little Woollie or Greedy For Colour, then you will guess what this is!

It's Kate's first book, "Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon"

It came to me via Julie Harrison who hosted a giveaway on her blog Little Woollie. Everyone who left a comment was in the draw to win a copy of the book and I was lucky this time.

Thank you Julie! 

I do love bunnies and crochet, and have been following for some time the development of Stanley's adventures on Greedy for Colour, where Kate Bruning explains how she made "Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon".

Front Cover

I am so impressed and in awe of Kate's achievement. She has done everything–text, design, photography, crochet and crafting.  Kate Bruning is a very talented woman!

The photographs are delightful and filled with Kate's crocheted and crafty creations. Colourful text tells the story of Stanley the bunny whose love of balloons takes him on an adventure.

Back cover
I can certainly relate to this reference to 'naps'.
There are many days when I 'should be napping' but try to carry on instead.
I guess I have that in common with Stanley!

Kate Bruning's attention to detail is amazing and shines in every element of the book. When the storytelling is done, the second half of the book is full of instructions for you to make your own crocheted Stanley bunny and hot air balloon, and other crafted items and characters from Stanley's world.

A list of links and other resources for learning crochet and other techniques is a thoughtful addition if you have never crafted before.
Title page and inside front cover
I am frustrated that the book got bent and creased by a postie who insists on folding and bending everything he delivers.
He tries to fit everything into my letterbox's slot even though I have a shelf section for large envelopes and my front door is only 5 paces away!
Some initiative is needed on his part.
Meanwhile I don't bother with magazine subscriptions because I know they will get torn up before I can even read them!

With so many wonderful creations in "Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon", not everything could be included in the pattern pages. Never fear, for Kate is sharing more crochet patterns on her blog

Thank you so much to Julie Harrison for the opportunity to own this beautiful book and thank you Kate Bruning for your generosity! My family and I feel very privileged to have an autographed first edition of this joyful work of art. 

If you would like one too, I do believe there is another giveaway for a "Stanley Book" on Kat Goldin's blog, Slugs on the Refrigerator.

Also this week, Kate Bruning is giving away a crocheted "Stanley" bunny on her blog, Greedy for Colour, but you need to be quick as the winner will be announced this Friday (22 August 2014).  

Best of luck!

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  1. Wow, Thanks Jodie for such a lovely post! And for all the links at the end! Kate's book is gorgeous isn't it, and I am glad it went to such an appreciative audience! Have a great day, Julie xxx
    PS I am going to email you soon, thanks for all the comments recently on my blog! xx

    1. It's a pleasure, Julie, to support people like you and Kate who are doing good things.

      I try very hard to add lots of links and to list them at the end for four reasons:
      1) if an in-text link fails, one can view the full URL in the references for checking or cutting and pasting
      2) if the blog entry is printed, the reader can still access the URL information
      3) I am particular about referencing
      4) it is easy for me to find all of the links around a subject when they are gathered in one place

      I hope I haven't overdone it with blog comments...I go through phases where I am so busy I cannot read any blogs for a week or two and then I will do a huge catch up and my enthusiasm overflows.

      I enjoy receiving comments and meeting people through my blog so I like to do the same for everyone else; especially since they have taken the time and energy to share, it is important to me to give back in return.
      It goes both ways - you get out of life what you put in.

      Thanks for everything and I will keep an eye on the email inbox!

      Cheers, :-) xx

  2. Ohhh this is just DARLING! So cute!

    1. It really is - story, patterns, photographs, artistry. Beautiful. Any mother of young children will be able to relate to Stanley's scenario too :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely! Nice to see you here! :-)