Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tea Towels Two-by-two

It has been a busy time lately yet somehow I have found the time to begin some more crochet projects!

I love the simple meditative stitch pattern of my Belcarra Cardigan but it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry along with me as it grows.

It is time once again to have some smaller 'take-along' projects.

The foundation stitches are worked directly
into the fabric of the folded tea towel.
The towel is marked at regular intervals with a
fabric pen to guide my stitches.
The ink will wash out with water.
With a new baby expected very soon in my extended family, baby items have been fun, but for a long time, a pile of tea towels have been nagging me: 

"Remember us?  You need to turn us into kitchen hand towels!" 

They peer down from the top of my wardrobe as they wait in a clear plastic box.
(Item 6 here.)

My well loved kitchen towels are so useful that I need to have more. Besides, one of my favourites is fading after so much use and laundering.

This week I grabbed two of the towels, searched the stash for suitable cotton yarn and "primed" them with their foundation rows in readiness for new tops.  This is my crochet mate Adrienne's approach as explained in the post "Tea Towel Party".  

It is hard to find a matching yarncolour for this towel because it is partly grey,
not just blue, with both warm and cool blue tones.
This variegated 4-ply cotton might do the trick.

I am excited about getting back to some towel tops because I want to experiment with different patterns and come up with new designs of my own.  Creativity is calling …

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  1. Kitchen Hand Towels are such an Australian thing! I have only seen them there so far that is. :-)

    We only have normal dish towels which I also use for the hands but I reckon I should get one just for hands...

    Take care

    P.S. I just posted about the baby blankets I told you about!

    1. That's a fascinating observation, Anne. I would never have guessed that these towel tops were peculiar to Australia. They are so useful, I would expect them to be used elsewhere too; although I never see towels in the shops like this either. It is so handy to have a little clasp at the top so the towels can hang on a rail, hook, handle or doorknob within reach without accidentally falling onto the floor.

      You have been very busy with your blankets. Your striped blankets look very modern. The plain coloured ones look plush and the edging is pretty. Lucky babies! :-)

  2. Your work is always stunning!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. You are too sweet! :-) xx