Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gifts of Friendship

Recently I had a very pleasant morning with a very close friend whom I had not seen for many months; not for want of trying, but due to hectic events, immovable commitments, and new schedules which refused to allow us a time of mutual convenience to meet!

When one of my commitments was cancelled, we jumped at the chance to see each other.

We met at a café adjacent to Gallery M.  It is quiet enough to have a chat and hear each other (unlike the cafés at the shopping centres), light-filled and airy but not draughty.

Much has happened since we last met and we both arrived bearing gifts for one another.

My friend had moved house and was now settled in a new home.  My housewarming gift was the blue tea towel that I had crocheted for her.

I celebrated my birthday a few months ago so I was surprised to receive a belated birthday gift.

We laughed and celebrated our friendship as we found a table and simultaneously and joyfully unwrapped our gifts.  My friend exclaimed, "Blue is my favourite colour!" which I was glad to hear. In her previous home, my friend liked the calming qualities of blues but I had not been able to see her new home's interior yet. My doubts about whether blue was a suitable choice were instantly dispelled.
Hooked on Crochet! Slippers
Annie's Crochet Book #878542
front cover

My friend gave me a crochet-related gift (gee, how did she know??  <smiley wink>):  a book from the Annie's Crochet (formerly Annie's Attic?) series called Hooked on Crochet! Slippers: 10 comfy pairs of slippers!*

If you would like to see a closer view of the slippers, you can view the images on the book's web page at Annie's Crochet.

Alternatively, view individual pattern details on Ravelry (links provided at the end of this blog entry).

Hooked on Crochet! Slippers
Annie's Crochet Book #878542
back cover
This book is a thoughtful & perfect gift for someone whose feet are perpetually cold and affected by Raynaud's Phenomenon.

Crocheted slippers are also perfect for hospital stays–both to wear and as a project to keep one occupied.

I only have one pair of crocheted slippers which I made in 2007 to wear in hospital.

Made from a large 400g skein of variegated yarn, the pastel colours match my dressing gowns.

Such a large quantity allowed me to make a matching bed cape too.  This set (below) lives in my ready-packed hospital bag.

Retro Bed Slippers
and Crochet Bed Cape

Yarn: Panda Carnival** "Summer 400" 8 ply, 100% acrylic, 400 g / 1240 m per skein
Knit tension: 22 sts x 30 rows with 4 mm needles.
Colour: 33 
Lot: 747592

Pattern: Retro Bed Slippers by Judith L. Swartz
Hook: 3 mm
Notions: ribbon

Pattern: Crochet Bed Cape
Hooks: 2.5 mm
Date: April–May 2007

I remember that the cape seemed to take a long time to make. It felt 'slow-going' because there was a lot of stitch counting. The ruffled edging is very pretty–fun and satisfying to work. The yarn was labelled 8 ply but was more of a sport weight 5 ply and I struggled through 4 hook sizes to settle on 2.5 mm. Apart from that, this cape had quite a lot of interest from people who wanted one for themselves.

I am scheduled for another hospital admission later this year so it's a good reason to get started on some more crocheted slippers.  Thank you to my friend for such a practical gift!

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"Crochet Bed Cape" [crochet pattern]:  I am afraid I do not have any more pattern details to add. This pattern was a vintage pattern which belonged to a friend.  It may have been published by the Australian Women's Weekly.

Gallery M
EDITED 30 October 2016 Gallery M new web site: 

Panda Yarns, 314–320 Albert Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056, Australia, 2007
Carnival Yarn:
**Panda's Carnival "Summer 400" is discontinued.  Panda is currently promoting a self-striping yarn called Circus 8 ply which meets the same specifications  so I would suggest that this would be a good substitute.

Raynaud's Phenomenon

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  1. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time! :) Plus the gift you got looks amazing! :) Lots of new projects in there I guess...

    Take care

  2. Yes, lots of potential new projects but I haven't abandoned my cardigan! I am waiting for cooler weather.
    The slippers in this book use medium 'worsted' weight yarns: 'Country' (discontinued but suggested substitute is Caron 'Simply Soft'); and Red Heart 'Super Saver Solid', 'Super Saver Multi' and TLC 'Essentials Solid'; all acrylic yarns. I have never seen or handled these in person before so if you have any advice to give about these yarns, it would be welcome. I suppose acrylic is very easy to wash and it would be very warm to wear.