Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Shocking News on the Radar

close up of 'granny blanket' in Crows colours of blue, red and yellow.
In June last year, I celebrated a 'hospital escape' by taking my crochet to the 'footy' to see the Adelaide Crows' Brent Reilly play his 200th game. It was such a happy occasion because he had fought to overcome injuries which had interrupted his career. 2015 was looking good …

… until last night when the news came through that Brent Reilly had fractured his skull!

The poor boy had an accident during a training session and has been in intensive care after emergency surgery. (I say 'boy' because he is so young and fit, but he is 31 years old, not really a 'boy' but a healthy young man and too young for this sort of injury.)

The Adelaide Football Club's doctor was quoted as saying he "had never before seen in football the type of skull fracture Reilly sustained". 
Adelaide Crows hat - yellow baseball cap style with Crow insignia on the front; Crows 'Premiers' scarf with the words 'back to back 1997–1998 on one end and a Crows 'shield' fabric emblem and commemorative pins on the other end.
Crows member scarf and hat.

I am thankful that Brent Reilly is receiving care at the Royal Adelaide Hospital because it is home to some of the best medical specialists in the world in the fields of trauma medicine and surgery. 

I am sure I speak for all Crows Members and fans when I say that Brent Reilly is in our thoughts and we wish him a full recovery.  There will be many prayers for him and his family and friends.

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Here is some information about Brent Reilly:

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  1. Ouch! I don't know him but my fingers are crossed everything will heal properly! It sounds like a horrible injury!

    1. Yes, knees should not come into contact with heads!

  2. I hope that he is all OK very soon. xx

    1. Me too! According to reports he is progressing well.

  3. It's awful to hear about a fit young man being badly injured.

    1. Yes, devastating, especially for a career sportsperson, but also for people close to him.