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Long Fingerless Mitts

A pair of fingerless mitts with extra length at the wrists extending two thirds of the way up the forearm.  This view is looking down at the back of the hands.
More fingerless mitts!
Hooray! A finished item! 

Actually, two finished items:
a pair of fingerless mitts.

It feels like a long time since I have blogged a finished item from my own hook.

These mitts began life back in December as a potential hospital project. The skeins sat in their bag patiently waiting until, one day, I needed another 'take-along project' and there they were, all ready to go, saying "Pick us!" so I did.

The mitts were a perfect take-along project due to their size and a familiar pattern, "Easy Crochet Wristers" by Kim Kotary.  It is such an easy and relatively quick pattern that I had already made 5 pairs before these but, this time, I modified the original pattern to suit my daughter.

A pair of fingerless mitts with extra length at the wrist, extending two-thirds of the way up the forearm. This view is of upturned hands showing the palms of the mitts.
These mitts are for my daughter's hands and she is kindly modelling them.
Short rows were added between the thumb and fingers.

I added an extra 27 rounds between the cuff and thumb gusset, and short rows for extra shaping and to lengthen the palms. 

I like this pattern because it uses sock yarn which is sturdy but also fine (4 ply equivalent in Australia; 'fingering' weight in USA). These wristers take a little longer to make, but their fine weight makes them very easy to wear without bulk.

A pair of fingerless mitts with extra length at the wrists extending two thirds of the way up the forearm.  This view is looking down at the back of the hands.
Finished length: 25 cm from fingers to cuff.
I have a cosy pair of fingerless mitts based on this same pattern. I wear them a lot because it is important to keep my hands warm. My hands get cold easily due to Raynaud's Phenomenon. I really should look for a glove pattern (with fingers) to protect my fingers but I like to have them free so I can feel and grip things, write etc.

Learn more about the purple mitts in their Dating Profile!

Project Details

"Easy Crochet Wristers" by Kim Kotary, free pattern (LW1919, WR 1919) published by Red Heart Yarn:
Difficulty rating: easy

I used Moda Vera "Noir" sock yarn, 75% wool, 25% nylon, 400 m per 100g skein 
Colour: D5-01 Mgt Blue (Magnetic Blue)
Lot: S8204

Purchased in Winter 2011
The pattern suggests Red Heart "Heart & Sole" sock yarn
Each glove used 26 grams = 52 grams / 208 metres of yarn int total for the pair.

I used a 3.00 mm aluminium hook ('Pony' brand with blue plastic handle).
The pattern suggests a 2.75 mm hook but I found it too tight for my yarn choice and the resulting wrist band was too small. It would fit a young child but not an older child.


Same Pattern: Different Colours

These were all made using different colours of 'Noir' sock yarn.
Some have modifications to the original pattern. 

This is the first pair of 'Easy Crochet Wristers' I ever made
using a 2.5 mm hook but they were small, suitable for a child.
This photo shows that the top ribbing doesn't quite cover the palms.
Colour #07 Purple Mix
[June 2011]
These wristers are larger (made with a 3 mm hook)
and have been modified for extra coverage.
(back of hand shown)
The ribbing is longer at the wrist and fingers.
Short rows add more coverage to the palm.
Extra rounds make the thumb longer.
[July 2011]
Two pairs for two brothers.
The fit was perfect for each boy
Top: the 2.75 mm hook fit an 8 year-old hand.
Colour #80251598 Black Mix looked like snake skin
according to my daughter so we wanted to add googly eyes
but we couldn't find the right type and size at the time.
Bottom: the 3.5 mm hook fit an 11 year-old hand.
Colour #80251603 Camo Mix
[August 2013]

The standard pattern with a 3 mm hook
fits a woman's hand.
Colour #80251598 Black Mix
[September 2013]

Other Crochet Wrister Patterns

As I did a search to add the pattern link here, the Red Heart (USA) web site offered more free patterns for long crocheted wristers made with other yarn weights and hook sizes.  I haven't tried these patterns but will list them here for future reference. I have not had any experience with these patterns so can neither recommend nor criticise them. 

Easy Crochet Wristers by Andee Graves
Pattern code LW3497
Difficulty rating: easy
Yarn: Red Heart Shimmer (#4 medium weight)
Hook: 5 mm
This pattern has the same name but the wristers are longer than Kim Kotary's pattern that I used. They are described as lacy and elegant.

Long Lacy Wristers by Kimberley K McAlindin
Pattern code WC2144 (2010)
Difficulty rating: intermediate
Yarn: Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Crochet Thread Size 3
Hooks: 4 mm & 3.5 mm
Made of crochet mesh, these wristers extend above the elbow and include black elastic in the notions list to keep the cuff from falling below the elbow.

Wristers Made Easy by Becky Barker
Pattern code LW3329
Difficulty rating:  easy
Yarn: Red Heart With Love (#4 medium weight)
Hook: 6 mm
With a 6mm hook and just 21 rounds of double crochet stitches (USA single crochet) joined to a simple cuff, these wristers look very quick to make.

If you discover a passion for making fingerless gloves you may like the Ravelry group "Fingerless Glove Fanatics":

Have you ever made gloves or mittens?
What 'handy' patterns do you like or recommend?

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  1. They are lovely. I was looking at wrist warmer patterns just last week as I have a bit of my handspun yarn left to use up! Another one on the wip pile :-) x

    1. I admire your skill at handspinning your own yarn, Sharon.
      The basic wristers (without the extra length) averages 34-35 grams of my 'Noir' sock yarn (approximately 136-148 metres per pair) so they make a great stashbusting project and are useful on those busy days when you need some warmth in your hands but need your fingers free. These wristers don't get in the way.
      So how big is your WIP pile now?

  2. these are great! I love how l o n g they are!

    1. Thanks Mary-Anne.
      I made them extra long by special request.
      I love your use of typesetting in your comment to emphasis how l o n g they are - clever! I do enjoy your wit and wordplay on your blog too. I hope this message finds you well. xx

  3. They turned out really pretty - bet your daughter loves them!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Anne. It is a lovely mix of blues. As I worked these mitts, I kept thinking how much I would like a blue pair myself!
      My daughter is very pleased with her gloves. Poor thing, these gloves have been a long time coming - I bought the yarn way back in 2011 to make a pair for her and a pair for her best friend. Oh well, better late than never! I hope there will be some yarn left over so I can treat myself to a new pair as well!

  4. Fantastic! I love the colours, especially the blue! xx

    1. Thanks, Amy. I love to discover the patterns that develop when variegated yarn meets hook. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for your compliment, Meredith. How lovely to see you here - thank you for taking the time - especially when you have so much going on in your life right now. I hope you (and yours) are enjoying a more settled week. Take care :-)

  6. Your mitts are really beautiful, they look so soft and warm. Your daughter is a lucky girl. Fortunately the weather here is still quite warm, so there is no need for wrist warmers. But today I found a pair of not-finished wrist warmers in my yarn cupboard and I think of finishing them. But I have totally forgotten about the pattern. When I find it I will tell you about it. It is a shell pattern, they really look beautiful but I can't remember where the pattern is. Hmpf! Viola

    1. Thank you Viola - the yarn is a mix of wool and polyamide (nylon) which makes them warm and strong. At first, they don't feel particularly soft but after a wash, they soften up nicely and get softer the more they are worn in.

      I am glad it is still warm where you are. In South Australia, we are still having cold nights but the days are becoming sunnier and warmer. Spring has definitely arrived even though it isn't officially Spring until tomorrow. (I don't believe in judging seasons by the calendar - it is the weather, plants, animals and quality of the light that determines the season in my books.)

      How interesting that you found your wrist-warmers around the same time as I've been working on mine! There are quite a few shell-stitch patterns out there. Can you remember the name of your pattern? I have a couple of wrister patterns using shell-stitches but haven't made them up yet. I look forward to seeing yours...soon, I hope. :-) It would be nice to have them finished in time for the cooler weather.

      Good luck in finding your pattern details! xx