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More Examples of Crochet Spider Stitch

Diamond-Strike Banded Scarf in red on a black background. It is a filet crochet scarf with spider stitch diamonds.
Spider stitch features in this scarf.
(Made by Jodiebodie 2014.
Pattern: Diamond-Strike Scarf by Kristen Stolzfus)

Are you familiar with the phenomenon where you buy a new car and when you go driving, you suddenly start seeing lots of cars of the same model and make where previously you had never noticed them before?

I think that is what happened to me with spider stitches!

"Her Lady of Perpetual Coincidence" (as I have been ceremoniously dubbed in the past) has done it again 'with a little help from my friends' (I don't mind if you want to hum or sing along that line with me).

Within a week of posting about crocheted spider stitches, I have come across more examples and uses to share with you and spark the imagination.

Front cover of Issue 66 of Inside Crochet magazine featuring "Moomins" on the cover.
Inside Crochet magazine
Issue 66

(Tailor Made Publishing Ltd 2015)

It began with a catch-up of a dear friend that I hadn't seen in person for months.  She is such a sweetie and gave me a belated birthday gift of a crochet magazine: Inside Crochet Issue 66.  

As I flicked through the pages, the first thing to catch my attention was the Pineapple Lace Top from the Wendy Design Team

Pineapple Lace Top by Wendy Design Team
from Inside Crochet, Issue 66

(Photo: Lucy Williams. Used with permission from Inside Crochet.)


It is not made with pineapple motifs, as the name suggests, but diamonds of spider lace crochet (pages 44–46).  I can see how the diamond shapes can resemble the pattern on a pineapple but at the heart of each diamond is spider stitch.

May I take a moment to say 'Thank you' to Adrian Lito and the team at Inside Crochet magazine for allowing me to share Lucy Williams' photo here on Lupey Loops–it makes it easy to compare the different spider stitch examples without having to jump across to a linked page elsewhere; but if you would like to follow any of the shared links, that's great because there's a big world of crochet inspiration and education out there!


Then I got home and right in front of my eyes was the table centre that I made in 2009 called "Rambling".  There is a sneak peek of it in a previous post, "Sneak Peek: Take a SIP of Colour …". I thought there existed a better photograph of this work in its entirety but I am having trouble finding it! When I find it, I will post it but, for now, here is the sneak peek:

Above view of the "Rambling" table centre made with 4-ply cotton.  On top are a bunch of flowers in pinks and yellows and a silk mohair scarf in progress with two balls of yarn in pink and blue shades. At the top right is a statue of a boy and bunnies.
The "Rambling" table centre uses spider stitches in its design.
(Made by Jodiebodie in 2009. Pattern: Crochet Monthly)

Of course, there was the Diamond-Strike Banded Scarf designed by Kristen Stolzfus that I crocheted a year ago. Here is a close up view of the stitches:

Close-up of the spider stitch pattern in the Diamond-Strike Banded Scarf (red scarf on black background)
Diamond-Strike Banded Scarf made by Jodiebodie, December 2014.
(Design by Kristen Stolzfus)

Then, this week, I have been searching for the right edging for my latest tea towel design and I came across spider stitch being used as a decorative element in a crocheted curtain heading.  
From a light wooden curtain rod hangs a fabric curtain with a heading made of white filet crochet with a spider stitch frieze.  The curtain fabric is white with gold stars.  The heading hangs from the rod by narrow gold or brass rings which have been threaded through the top edge of the filet crochet.
Curtain heading designed by Lucinda Ganderton.
(Photo courtesy of Anness Publishing, London, UK.  Used with permission.)

The curtain heading is designed by Lucinda Ganderton and appeared in her Needlecraft book (Anness Publishing 2007). Further details and full title of the book can be found in the reference list below. Thank you to Paul Anness of Anness Publishing in London for his kind permission to reproduce the photograph on
Lupey Loops.

How funny to have come across so many spider stitch projects in one week!

If you would like more information about how to create this stitch, you will find it in my post about Spring Stories & Spider Stitches.  It is a long post with the spider stitch notes towards the end. 

I love the different ways the spider stitch can be made; e.g. Lucinda Ganderton's curtain heading has 'spiders' with 16 'legs', the "Rambling" table centre has 'spiders' with 12 'legs' of chain stitch, the Pineapple Lace Top seems to have 'spiders' with 10 legs and the red scarf with 8 'legs' (as any good arachnid should)!  

Somehow I felt a sigh of relief about the '8 legs'a spider with 8 legs and all is right with the world.

I will leave you with links to a modern variation by Amanda Hyde, Canadian blogger and crocheter, of Stitch Noir. She has a very creative adaptation of the spider stitch lace pattern and would love to share it with you.  Do click on the link to see Amanda's beautifully coloured fun designs.

May this inspire you to look at your stitch dictionary slightly differently and consider ways to create new effects with basic stitch construction ideas.

If you have used a traditional pattern stitch to create a contemporary motif, I would love to hear about it.  You are more than welcome to add your own ideas and pattern links in a comment.

Have you tried spider stitch crochet lace yet?

Post Scriptum 29 December 2015

... and then Adrienne visited me and she was crocheting a Spider Lace Jacket for her mother!

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  1. It is weird how you notice things when you start looking for or at them isn't it! xx

    1. Yes, Amy, it *is* a strange phenomenon. Perhaps it is proof that we only see what we want to see? ;-)

  2. Wow. I love the serendipity of you finding these stiches in so many places. I have never tried it, but it is not on my least of things to do.

    1. "Serendipity" THAT's the word! Trust you to have 'just the right word', Mary-Anne! ;-)
      Hardly surprising since you enjoy writing so much. I haven't had a lot of time to do much reading but I am looking forward to settling down to more blog reading during the Christmas-New Year break. May 2016 be good for you!

  3. So many ideas!I think I need to start learning this spider-y stitches next year!

    And you are so right seeing things a lot once you noticed them! I became an auntie to twins three weeks ago and all of a sudden I see baby twins everywhere! :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

    1. Congratulations on your 'Auntiehood' Anne! :-)
      Do you have lots of baby-related crochet to do? Did you make corner-to-corner blankets for the twins? I will pop over to your blog to have a look!
      I am glad the spider stitch posts have given you some new ideas. I love all the variations on it and yet they are all called 'spider stitch' or 'spider lace' etc. Between this post and 'Spring Stories' there are heaps of links to learn from. Have fun with your twins and your crochet. :-)
      I hope you are feeling a little better this week. xx