Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Harmony Day Postcard

What did Kwokkie Doll do for Harmony Day 2016?

Today I received her postcard …

Happy Harmony Day!
This is me with the Little Colourful Teacher.
We spent the entire day together, wearing orange with pride.
I followed Ms A.K. into all of her classrooms.

After spending so much time helping to prepare lesson plans in the staff office, it was very exciting to see the classrooms and meet the students.  They were very excited to meet me too because I spread Harmony Day cheer by handing out orange-flavoured lollies!

It was a warm, sunny day (26°C / 79°F) so I chose to wear my red sundress underneath my orange vest.  I still don't have a sunhat for days like today but the beanie is still good–it makes me taller!

Did you notice the blue strands of yarn under my chin?
They belong to a special cape that I felt was most appropriate to wear while giving out lollies. That was great fun!

It's a super-hero cape!
The cape has the Little Colourful Teacher's initials on it because she is my super hero. She loves her students and gives her all for them. She works very hard but when we see the students progressing so well, we know it is worth the effort.

I wear my super hero cape so when Ms A.K. is tired at the end of the day, I can remind the Little Colourful Teacher that she does an amazing job and is totally awesome. Her students tell me so.

Underneath every super hero is a hard worker.
Somehow an orange vest is the perfect garment for hard yakka.*
Like the cape, it has the Little Colourful Teacher's initials but that is in case we lose each other during a schoolyard adventure.
Everybody will know that I love Ms A.K. and she loves me!

We had a lot of fun on Harmony Day.
I love how our colours matched and those
orange tights!
I need to get some!

What did
you do on Harmony Day?

* yakka:  a colloquial expression of Australian Aboriginal origin meaning 'work'.


AKA Amigurumi Apparel: Harmony Day, 21 March 2016: http://lupeyloops.blogspot.com.au/2016/03/aka-amigurumi-apparel-harmony-day.html

Little Colourful Teacher, blog: http://littlecolourfulteacher.com


  1. This post just makes me so very very happy!

    1. Hooray! That's the idea. I love Ms A.K.'s office - from the custom coloured chairback to the dotty shopping bag... how can anyone not be happy or inspired in that environment?

  2. Adorable post!

    1. It seems Kwokkie Doll is adored wherever she goes. I'm told that she was a 'total charmer' as she visited each class.
      Hugs in return for Harmony Day!

  3. Brilliant, I love seeing her with the little colourful teacher!

    1. Me too! When I saw how well matched they were on Harmony Day this year, it reassured me that the colours of Kwokkie Doll's wardrobe were well chosen and it has reinvigorated me to think of some more items to make - a sun hat for one!
      I love Ms A.K.'s sense of fun which is perfectly expressed through colour. How can we be inspired in our own creativity with colour?
      You do so many crafts - what are your thoughts?

  4. I have never heard of Harmony Day before. But it would be something of great use for us here in Europe, as well. There is so much aggression and hatred that fill the news nowadays that I am hardly able to read a newspaper anymore. To bring people together, Christians, Muslims, Jews that is the central theme we have to work on. I really love your doll! She looks so jolly! Viola

    1. Indeed Viola. I cannot imagine the tension in Europe at the moment. I want to think that there are many, many more peace-loving individuals in the world than bigots and hate-preachers, it's just that the news will focus on the negative. The current US political campaigning disturbs me as much as the terrorism.

      Interesting that you should suggest bringing together religious groups. I totally agree with you. I know that in Australia there is a working party between Imams, Rabbis and Christian leaders to increase understanding and maintain interfaith links to foster tolerance and peace.
      When trying to find more information about this I discovered that there is a "Jewish Christian Muslim Association" in Australia: http://jcma.org.au/

      It pleases me that there are people in the world who are actively working on making our world a safer and happier place for everyone. Intolerance and violence are bred by fear - wherever anger rises up, look a bit deeper and there will be a fear underlying it.

      It is amazing how one little doll can be used to break down barriers, open conversations and relieve tension - something desperately needed in our world. The positive responses to Kwokkie Doll warm my heart. If one doll can do that, then we too, on an individual level, can promote peace in our own circles of influence, whatever their sizes.

      I do believe, and maintain hope, that good will overcome evil but, like anything worth while, it may not come easily - we all need to work at it.

      Kwokkie Doll does look jolly because she, and the Little Colourful Teacher, truly are happy and jolly. Jolly hollies (holidays) to you! :-)

      I do believe and maintain hope that good will overcome evil.