Saturday, 2 July 2016

Pop, Pop, Pop!

A string of poppies attached to a chrome bannister. A laminated tri-panel leaflet is attached to the poppies.
More crocheted and knitted poppies are popping up around Adelaide.  It's a trail of them along North Terrace, a main thoroughfare of Adelaide and the home of many South Australian cultural venues. 

During June, I attended some jazz concerts and one of the venues had a poppy display on the front steps.  

The stairs at the front entrance of the Elder Conservatorium. there are chrome bannisters on each side and one in the centre. The outside bannisters have strings of poppies attached. The nearest poppies also have a leaflet attached.
Poppies welcome visitors to the Elder Conservatorium.

A close-up of the poppies and attached leaflet which is a laminated tri-panel size (DL x 3). The front says, "Flanders Fields Poppy Trail, Adelaide, 2nd June - 30th August 2016. A shared event throughout Adelaide, commemorating Australian, French and Belgian allies during WW1 with a range of cultural exhibitions, concerts, lectures and films."  The centre panel is the back of the leaflet and contains the logos of supporting organisations and sponsors of the event. The panel towards the top has the poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrea printed. The words of this poem can be found on the Lupey Loops blog post called "Poppy Patterns" (April 2015)
A closer view of the leaflet
which includes a program of events
and the poem by John McCrea,
"In Flanders Fields".

You can follow the 'Poppy Trail' from 2 June to 30 August 2016. The trail is an event comprising a series of exhibitions, lectures, film screenings and concerts to commemorate the contributions of Australian, Belgian, French and allied forces in World War 1.

More background information and a program of events can be found in the links below or in the leaflets which are attached to the poppies along the trail.  


Elder Conservatorium, The University of Adelaide, South Australia: 

"Flanders Fields Poppy Trail"
Website (Wordpress):
A series of cultural events and exhibitions to commemorate Australians, French and Belgian allies during Worl War 1.

"Flanders Fields Poppy Trail", Government of South Australia, 15 April 2016: 

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  1. I took a pic of the ones outside Elder Hall for you, too!

    1. Thank you! You're a sweetie. I would have liked to take photos of poppies at other venues but the weather was too bad (and it was night-time). Perhaps you could share your photos on the Lupey Loops Google+ Community?

  2. Replies
    1. It doesn't take a lot of crochet to add a special something.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    It is nice to see you here. Thank you for joining in with your comments. :-)
    I love making new friends through the blogosphere.
    Since the WW1 Centenary commemorations we have seen a proliferation of crocheted and knitted poppies. It is important to remember the sacrifices and the futility of war and I pray that our young people heed the lessons of past mistakes. It is a warm feeling to know that the simple gesture of a crocheted poppy can mean a lot to our veterans and their families.
    I look forward to reading more of your views, as I enjoyed reading them on your blog. Cheers :-)

  4. Hi Jodie,

    Great idea! :)

    Ingrid xx

    1. A poppy trail does create intrigue in the city. North Terrace is a boulevard full of public buildings; Parliament House, Government House (the Governer-General's residence), the State Library, South Australian Museum, art galleries, universities, hospitals and the Botanic Gardens etc.

  5. I love this idea. I got the pattern from a fellow Aussie blogger and I want to make some for our Remembrance Day in November. I think I will get my knitting group to start decorating our city!

    1. That would be a fun and fulfilling activity, Mary-Anne. Which pattern do you have? What size is your knitting group?