Monday, 5 September 2016

What a Busy Month!

A collage of the photos which appear in this blog post plus the photo of magazines and rainbow scarf from an earlier blog entry during August.
A collage of August activities.
What a busy month August 2016 has been!

I'm not sure if it was a month of productivity or stupidity because there was so much going on. Some was forced upon me but much was of my own making.

Every so often, I get frustrated by the necessary juggle of energy rations to manage life with lupus etc. and when there are so many interesting things happening around me, I can't help but become enthused and eager to participate.  The calendar waits for no one so if I want to do these things, it was a case of 'now or never'.

In the past, I might not have contemplated any of this as my health was too poor. This year, I had enjoyed better energy levels thanks to recent treatment so, despite the voice of reason telling me that I had enough commitments already, I 'threw caution to the wind' and decided to try and live something akin to my old life (pre-illness).

I tried to take photos as I went so I hope you enjoy them. Some of these activities will be described in more detail in future posts. OK. Are we ready?

Right. August. This is my August 2016:

Out and About, Enjoying the Arts!
The cover of the program for Gallery M's Inaugural Open Contemporary Prize 2016 exhibition depicting the striking orange facade of the Marion Cultural Centre at night. The Gallery's logo featuring a large M is at the top left corner; the SALA logo is at the bottom left corner.
Gallery M program

I went to two art exhibitions, both part of the SALA
(South Australian Living Artists) festival:

  • "Gallery M Inaugural Open Contemporary Prize 2016" (5-28 August), Marion Cultural Centre where I got to meet some local artists including textile artist Michelle Driver of threefold designs
  • "Inspired" Exhibition by students and staff of  Brighton Secondary School (16‒26 August), Concert Hall Foyer,  North Brighton. 

A jazz big band in between sets at a cosy indoor venue on a winter's night. There are approximately 14 people in the band comprising keyboard, drums, bass, trumpets, trombones and saxophones with the occasional clarinet, flute or flugelhorn.
Jazz on a weeknight!

A Thursday night music gig was on the agenda when the musician in the family was called to fill in a spot in a big band. I went along as well for a great night of live music and lively people. Outings on weeknights are usually out of the question but since I was transporting someone there anyway, why not stay?

View from level 1 of Adelaide Oval - the Adelaide Crows team run out onto the ground with a guard of honour and fireworks. The banner through which the team will run reads "Friday night footy at our home ground, our 600th game, let's make it loud"
Adelaide v. West Coast

Fun at the Footy!
Australian Football League (AFL)

There were three AFL games for my favourite team, Adelaide Crows, at Adelaide Oval during August. I went to two of them:
  • Adelaide v. Brisbane on Saturday 6 August
  • Adelaide v. West Coast on Friday 26 August

Ravellenic Games 2016 masthead and logo. The letter forms have a fun, frivolous design and they are coloured orange, green and blue. The year is coloured in an orange and yellow horizontal gradient.  The logo is to the right of the text. It is a stylised gold laurel wreath with a stylised yarn symbol in the centre.  The yarn ball is coloured in rainbow colours with 2 crossed knitting needles through it.

The Ravellenic Games

Of course, the biggest events for the month were the Olympic Games in Rio and The Ravellenic Games on Ravelry! An explanation of the Ravellenic Games can be found in an earlier post.

It didn't quite work out to plan. It didn't help that I found myself spending more time watching the Olympic Games on the TV than actually crocheting!

I love watching elite sports and our swimming gold medallist, Kyle Chalmers, is a local.  He used to train at the local aquatic centre before moving to Canberra to train for the Olympics. I remember watching him compete at a national swimming meet when he was about 15 years old and even back then, his speed in the water had our jaws on the floor in amazement.  Here's a fun fact for Lupey Loops readers: Kyle Chalmer's dad, Brett Chalmers used to play AFL for the Adelaide Crows, my favourite team!

There was a big homecoming parade for South Australian Olympians in the centre of Adelaide this week, starting at Adelaide Oval and finishing with a ceremony at Victoria Square.
Yellow tea cup and saucer with a pink rose motif printed on the inside rim. The yellow cup has a backdrop of a blue tablecloth.  The saucer has scallop shapes that make it resemble a daisy flower.
Happy yellow teacup and saucer.


August has always been a big month for birthdays. I hosted an afternoon tea for extended family and it was so lovely to catch up with people, in person, over a cuppa.

Landscape photograph of a beach on a bay. A path of brick pavers can be seen in the bottom left corner. The bottom right corner shows tufts of grass in the foreground.  The foreground contains sand and is separated from the beach below by a rock wall, the top of which is protruding and divides the photograph horizontally. Beyond the rocks is a sandy beach with people walking along it. The water is light blue, changing to deep blue towards the horizon. In the distance (top left of the photo) the coastline curves and one can see a headland dotted by buildings until the cliffs become too steep. A line of light grey cloud can be seen in the sky approaching from the horizon.
Late afternoon at the beach.
The beach

I've always loved the beach. It is one of my favourite places. Sadly, it is not always best or easiest for me to go down to the beach. Nevertheless, I managed to get to the beach twice: to watch sailing and see the sunset.

A line drawing of the Maker Faire mascot - a character the shapeof an upside down screw. The bolt on the screw is the head which has a smiling face. A washer underneath the bolt makes up the bottom jaw of the smile. The body is a hexagonal bolt in dark colours with the southern cross constellation emblazoned on it. The left forearm and hand is a spanner; the right forearm and hand is holding up a paint brush dripping with paint.  The legs together make a u-shape, ending with bolts. The bolts have a thin screw passing through them which acts like a spindle for a ball of yarn which, presumably, could be spooled from beneath the u-shaped legs.  The body is a
Maker Faire mascot

Maker Faire ADL

Correspondence arrived inviting me to participate in this year's Maker Faire ADL (Adelaide) on 6th of November 2016.  My mind is becoming preoccupied with plans for that exciting event.


Meanwhile, with all of those other things going on, I had builders, plumbers and mechanics in the house for general household repairs and to fix my washing machine. The washing machine only chose to break down after 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, didn't it?  In a busy family, a broken washing machine is the mainline to laundry lunacy!  Fortunately, the mechanic came the very next morning, just in time to do the job before the spare parts shop closed at noon. Phew! That was a close call with chaos.

[I'll just stop to catch my breath now!]

So, August has been an extraordinary month and I managed to cope with all of these things between the usual mix of daily chores, hydro-, physio-(therapy) and dental appointments.  I was wrecked with fatigue already by the middle of it, but at least I got out and LIVED!

 How was your August?

Tell me about your August in a comment below or email


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  1. Sounds like busy but fun times. Mine was spent driving 5000 kms around the States with my youngest boy before settling him in at college. Now I'm back in Kuwait, dealing with jet lag, an empty nest except for my cat and my husband. crocheting instead of cleaning. :)

    1. Hi Tammy, welcome back! :-)
      You certainly had a busy time too. What a long way to go for your son's schooling. I can't imagine how it feels for you but from one mother to another you have my best wishes. When our children are overseas it can be a mix of pride, excitement and worry and loss. I'm glad you were able to combine the trip with some sightseeing and catchng up with friends too. I've enjoyed reading about your travels and seeing your pictures - especially the sign "Fabric and Yarn"! How could one ever walk straight past that?! ;-)

  2. The teacup looks so pretty! Love you!

    1. It IS very pretty, Cheryl. I love it! A gift from very dear friends. ;-)
      I love how the saucer looks like a sunflower or daisy or marigold. I love roses so the little rose print and the gold trim make it extra special. Thank you! I will soon have a flower-themed mixture of tea cups and saucers for a pretty tea party.
      It's photo went straight onto the Instagram and received appreciative responses almost immediately:
      I'll see you and yours very soon, love Jodie xx

  3. Love that yellow teacup! Happy September ♥

    1. Yellow is a favourite colour - so cheerful and bright. I couldn't resist taking a photo of something pretty so I can enjoy it wherever I am whenever I feel the need! I'm glad my teacup photo added a little bit of happiness to your day too. Thank you for your greetings, Summer :-)