Friday, 11 November 2016

5000 Poppies on the Radio

Crocheted Oriental Poppy: black centre, six red petals, the centre of each petal has a black spot created using an intarsia method.
Oriental Poppy
designed by Lesley Stanfield
crocheted by Jodiebodie (2015)

Today is Remembrance Day.

Last year, I collated crocheted poppy patterns on a quest to find the best. 

Today, Lynn Berry of the 5000 Poppies project was interviewed on Adelaide radio.

A poppy display in my local community.
(Photo: M. Prime 2015)

What started as a small tribute for fallen family members, turned into a massive worldwide project of crocheted and knitted poppies which has taken them from Melbourne, Australia all the way to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in England!

I was thrilled to hear Lynn Berry speak to Ali Clarke of radio station 891 ABC Adelaide on today's morning program. If you would like to hear today's conversation, keep checking the links to the morning program for more information.  This radio station usually posts a sound file of each program within 24 hours to remain available online for approximately 7 days.

Today's program should be available online until 17 November 2016 here:
The interview starts at 12'56" into the program.

Sometimes popular segments will have their sound file posted online with a transcript to be available for a longer period. I certainly hope that this will be the case with today's audio, especially so the information can be shared with friends who have hearing impairments.

A pile of red and black crocheted poppies of different designs arranged in a circular 'hill' on the neutral-coloured sofa.
A pile of crocheted poppies made by Jodiebodie in 2015.

I was pleased that Ali asked a question that I submitted during the interview:
"How do the ladies cope with laundering and blocking the poppies?"
It took around 18 months to remove all of the poppies from their netting, launder them and re-attach them.

Crocheted poppy. Black centre has 5 blunt points around which are rounded red petals which overlap each other and curl upwards.
Poppy Choker
designed by Anne Rousseau
crocheted by Jodiebodie (2015)

Lynne Berry and her sister-in-law Margaret Knight are currently negotiating plans for a 'big finale' to the project in 2018 at the Australian War Memorial. Lynn will plant some of her poppies at Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance today.

How exciting to have crafts like crochet and knitting, often solitary pursuits, bringing people together and playing an important role at a broader community level for something so meaningful.

There are many designs for crocheted poppies.
Listed at "Poppy Patterns" (April 2015)
Where to find patterns

In 2015, I collated a number of crocheted poppy patterns on Lupey Loops. Back then, the 5000 Poppies project was distributing a leaflet with a few patterns.  Now, Lynn and Margaret have a huge list including those that I collated and many more, covering more crafts than just crochet and knitting too!

It is extraordinary that a simple personal project is now a full-time undertaking thanks to the support of so many people–a testament to the generosity, kindness, love and friendship found in the knitting and crochet communities around the world.


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  1. I love how these projects have brought communities together.

    1. Did you get to see the poppies at the Chelsea Flower Show this year? Are there many poppy projects in your locality? Have you been involved in any yourself? Please forgive me if you have already blogged about such things and I missed them.

  2. Such a beautiful project of impressive dimensions. I havn't heard about the poppy project, but I have seen similar things. This Autumn saw a National church project knitting orange scarfs for lonely or homeless people in need of warmth. What a beautiful way to unite, to give a litte time and effort for another or in memory of another. Blessings, Pam in Norway

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thank you for sharing your news of the orange scarf project. Do you have any links to pictures of the project or a Norwegian search term I could use to find out more? It is wonderful to find out about all the generous and kind deeds of yarncrafters. There will always be good causes in need and knitters and crocheters around the world are always ready and willing to lend a hand to help others.

    2. Hello again 😊, you could try a search for : "Kirkens bymisjon" Norge. Just read another arthicle about knitting socks,for the Salvatian Army to give to the homeless this Christmas. Sadly, I missed the deadline. Blessings, Pam in Norway x

    3. Thanks for the information, Pam. I found an article here:
      describing how the Church City Mission wanted to distribute 10,000 orange scarves across the country. Is the translation "Warmest Day of the Year"?

      Even if you miss the deadline for the current knitted sock campaign, many agencies are happy to accept donations any time of year as they are always on the list of necessities for homeless people.

      One of the homeless shelters in Adelaide extends the call to include donations of new underwear in their annual "socks and jocks" charity drive.