Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hook Haul

I was devastated when my one and only American G6 hook snapped.  I glued it back together but it will never be the same …

As I was saying in an earlier blog entry, the United States G6 size is so handy, being the equivalent of 4.25 mm, because it bridges the gap between the 4 mm and 4.5 mm.  

Having that size makes it easier to achieve the correct tension when working American patterns.

The only problem is that these US-sized hooks were traditionally unavailable in Australian shops until recently and have been very hard to find. 
The G6 acrylic hook has been mended.
You may be able to see the line where it snapped.
This hook always did have a little give in it which
made it easier when working with acrylic yarns.
I suppose it 'gave' a little too much and then 'gave in'!

While my acrylic hook has been mended, I am worried it will be unreliable and at risk of snapping again.  Before I test it, I want to make sure I have another G6/4.25mm hook waiting in the wings, so I tried my luck at my local craft shop while on my errands.
Boye double-ended hook

I went there first because this shop did stock the Boye double-ended Tunisian hooks once (at which time I grabbed them when I saw them and glad I did because I haven't seen them for sale since).  That's a US brand so I was hoping the shop may still be stocking some US hooks.

Thank goodness the shop had restocked with Boye hooks (although sadly at the expense of other types)–I'm not impressed with the lack of choice in shops lately as stocks get cut back.  

Is this a trend where you live? Shops cutting back on stocks, placing fewer items on the shelves, discontinuing lines (always the ones I like) and chopping and changing brands available so you never know whether you will find what you need?

Australian retailers frequently complain that they can't compete with online shopping and overseas internet stores.  Funnily enough Australian free-to-air TV networks have also been complaining that they are losing viewers to the internet.  Well, if both the shops and TV channels chose to stock what we want to buy and program the things we want to watch, then we wouldn't need to seek overseas or online products!

Personally, I like to go into a shop so I can see the goods first hand. I can see their true colours and size, feel how heavy they are or how they might fit in my hand, and if there are 6 of the same on the shelf, I can examine each one for the best quality finish (because there are always variations) and take the one that I have personally chosen.  Happy customer!

I also will choose a local shop first because I want to support my local economy. It really annoys me when I can't find what I want when it had been stocked previously. I want my shops to be reliable. I don't really want to buy online if I can help it. I love to browse and rummage!  

Online shopping is just not the same experience but if the local shops can't be bothered to stock what I want, it leaves me with little choice but to send my money interstate and offshore.

Anyway!  Back to the shop where I was pleased to find a small range of hooks in US sizes. The metric system is the Australian standard but I grew up with a mixture of metric and Imperial sizes.  

There are some other US sizes besides G6 which don't fit neatly into the metric system (which measures half-millimetre increments):
D: 3.125 mm
F: 3.75 mm
I: 5.25 mm
J: 5.75 mm
A yellow-handled Boye aluminium hook (G6-4.25mm) and a set of 8 coloured anodised aluminium straight hooks (sizes D-K) in a pink cardboard packet.
My 'hook haul' for this week!
Because of this, I grabbed a full set of Boye hooks in sizes D–K (because my only  F hooks are acrylic too).
I also bought an individual 'ergonomic' G hook just in case. You never know, once the shop sells this batch, we may not see them again for who knows how long! I'm loathe to say that I 'snapped them up' because that might be tempting fate.

It's a great relief now to have the proper sizes for working US patterns. Hooray!

What are your preferred hooks?
Do you have any tips to share when choosing hooks?
How do you like to shop: personal or online?

Let's compare notes in the comments below!  

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  1. Glad you found what you were looking for. It always seems that whatever hook or needle I need at the moment I don't have because a wip is already using it! lol.

    1. So we need to put stitch holders on your Christmas and birthday lists so you can liberate the needles or just have multiple sets of them. Any excuse to collect knitting paraphernalia? ;-) I'm wondering whether you will be knitting at NYE and now I am thinking about getting a crochet project organised for NYE (planning a quiet one this year). Have fun, Mary-Anne xx

  2. Hooray you found your hook. I agree with you in trying to shop local first. But if the shop does not have it you have no choice but to order online. My favorite hooks are Clover. They have a bit of a handle that make them easier to hold onto. Happy Crocheting and Happy New Year.

    1. That's interesting to know your favourite hooks, Meredith. Are your Clover ones the 'soft-touch' ones with different coloured handles? If so, how does the soft handle stand up to frequent use?

      I have been put off the 'soft touch' plastic compound because I was once given a teapot with a handle of similar 'soft touch' compound and it perished and went gummy - a sticky mess.

      My most used aluminium hooks have hard plastic handles and were made by Pony. They are light, smooth and easy to hold in the pencil or knife position so I can swap holds. For natural fibres, my bamboo hooks are light and comfortable but they don't have handles.

      Clover make a lot of good quality products. I have never been unhappy with anything I've purchased of that brand so I hope that your hooks continue to give good service with long-lasting handles. Do you have anything on your hook(s) at the moment, or just knitting on the go?

      Here's to a new year of happy crocheting and crafting. :-)