Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Adelaide Maker Faire 2018 News

Adelaide Maker Faire mascot,
"Sam the Robot"
by chalk artist, Valli Morphett

Good News and Bad News. 

Which would you like first?

Personally, I would rather 'rip the bandaid off quickly' first and get the worst 'over and done with.'  That way, we can finish with something nice to make us feel better!

The Bad News

Sadly, there will be no Adelaide Maker Faire in 2018.

This is because the SA Makers Inc. will not have the capacity to deliver the high quality event that the people have come to expect and enjoy. 

SA Makers Inc. will not have enough people or time in 2018 because they will be too busy with the good news ...

The Good News

SA Makers Inc. have received a grant from Green Industries SA (GISA) to set up a
not-for-profit community makerspace!

"The Adelaide Maker Space is open to anyone and everyone
who wants to connect and collaborate to bring their visions to life.
It’s run by the community and for the community."

– SA Makers Inc. Chair, Alison Kershaw

SA Makers Inc. have been working towards the establishment of a community makerspace for years and Adelaide Maker Faire has been a part of that.

The good news for Maker Faire lovers is that the Adelaide Maker Faire is planned to return in 2019!

More Information

Any questions can be directed to (email) info@samakers.org

South Australian Makers Incorporated website: https://www.samakers.org/

For updates about Makerspace Adelaide:

Green Industries SA (GISA) and the grant for Makerspace Adelaide:

Adelaide Maker Faire: 

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  1. I also like (well, not like exactly) getting the bad news first :-) Sorry your event was cancelled.

    1. Thanks, Amalia. Yes, we agree about our approach to good and bad. ;-)

      The cancellation is a shame for people who were looking forward to attending this year but in the long term, it is exciting news because the Makerspace is so important and the next Maker Faire will be even better.

      For me, not having Maker Faire this year is probably a blessing in disguise - one less thing to think about while I have other extra demands on my time and energy this year. I would be more disappointed if Maker Faire was on and I couldn't make it.

      Thanks for leaving your condolences - it is nice to know you have visited! I wonder what you are making at the moment, as a fellow maker. I'm trying to keep up with the blogosphere in fits and starts.

      Happy making! xx

  2. I like the good news much better than the bad. Now you have more time to create before the faire.

    1. Yes! By the time all of the bureacracy is done, a nice plan would be to do absolutely nothing but crochet to make up for lost time!