Sunday, 21 July 2019

Amigurumi Yarn Sale & Sneak Peek

Three skeins of Amigurumi yarn arranged in an inverted triangle.
Just two of 12 different colour options.
Hello there Amigurumi fans!

You may be aware that Lupey Loops is collaborating with Melbourne-based business American Yarns which specialises in supplying Australian customers with American yarn brands.

This week, American Yarns has Red Heart's Amigurumi yarn ON SPECIAL.

Three crocheted bees' faces poking out from between the sprigs of a lavender bush. A triangular arrangement, the top bee has a yellow face with white wings, the bottom left is sideways with a yellow face,two black stripes and silver wings, facing the top bee. Bottom right is a black-faced bee with white mouth and eyes and silver wings. Each bee is smiling.
The 'Bumblebee' option exceeded expectations
to make not two but
three amigurumi bees from one skein.

This is the 4-ply yarn used for my Bizzy Beez and I am currently LOVING the softness and colours of the 'Mermaid' option.

A close up of a crocheted mermaid's tail in teal 4-ply yarn. Te tail has two fins at the bottom.
Sneak peek of latest project
using the 'Mermaid' colour option.

My review of this yarn is here:

If you have been thinking about trying Red Heart's Amigurumi, there are plenty of free patterns especially for this yarn in both knit and crochet on the Red Heart website.

Choose your colours, choose your project and do take advantage of American Yarns' special prices today.  More details in the links below.

A close up of a doll's smiling face framed by red wavy hair, all crocheted.
My name is Mia Mermaid.
I am waiting to meet a friend.
When she arrives, Jodiebodie can tell you our story!


American Yarns
Red Heart free Amigurumi patterns:

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    1. I agree. They are so vibrant and modern. You can see the range here:

      There are 12 different skein colour combinations with a total of 20 different colours in the palette.