Thursday, 22 November 2012

Introduction & Welcome

"What's the point?", I thought when advised "You should write a blog". (The exact words were "You should blog this" at which point I realised that not only am I delving into a new way of communicating but there's a new lingo to go with this blogging business as well—a whole new world of blogging culture to learn.)

After much procrastination and making of excuses—"I don't have time or energy", "I don't know how", "Who reads blogs anyway...and who would want to read mine?" (Quite a few people, apparently, including your good self!)—welcome to Lupey Loops my first ever blog.

The purpose of this blog is to share my crochet adventures, 'share the crochet love' as it were and to support other crocheters, hence 'Loops', but what about 'Lupey'? A play on words—'loopy' means 'eccentric', (and I like a bit of silliness to brighten up the world) and the spelling refers to Lupus, just one part of my autoimmune picture of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) which also includes other difficult-to-spell conditions with really long names!

The plan is to blog about crochet, mainly, but I cannot ignore the occasional discussion of issues pertaining to living with chronic illness or disability because falling ill was the catalyst for learning to crochet. By sharing my thoughts and experience, I hope it will be a support to others who may be embarking on their journey, whether that be a crochet or diagnostic one. Especially if it is the latter, my heart goes out to you. Have a hug from me. Naturally my heart is also with everyone who embraces crochet!

As an active participant in various forums, online and in-person, I've discovered a talent for putting ideas into words to reflect the common (or uncommon) experience of others (and I thought I was just a chatterbox). I've learned some useful things along the way, and still have much to learn.

Here's a blog for sharing all of this. I hope you will share your thoughts too; share the learning; share the love. It's your turn to share now. Let's harness the power of the blog.

Here's a confession: I have never blogged before—I'm like the child on the diving board holding my nose and closing my eyes ready to take that step off, for better or worse, ready to take the plunge, all those clichés—I don't quite know how the interactive side of blogs work, but I want to learn. I want it to be a two-way thing. If you have any thoughts or tips to share about blogging (technical tips and advice for beginners like me would be great), what you like/dislike about blogs, why you read them, any recommendations, please share them with me. If all else fails, my email is:

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Jodie
    The BEST place to start is just to start.
    Yay! You have finally taken the first step. Posting a new blog post to FB helps us to keep up and read your blog.
    I would encourage readers of your blog to try and find a few moments to write a comment, they can be almost as interesting and informative as the original post.
    Good Luck I will follow your blogging - and crocheting - journey with interest and support.

  2. Thanks Adrienne for your confidence boost. I agree with you about blog comments. I love the interactive potential of blogging - being able to ask questions and share experiences through comments or discussion gadgets. Thanks for the Facebook suggestion. You have given me a new learning task for this week.
    It would be great if, like you, people could let me know what they like in a blog and if they had a preferred way of reading this one (e.g. via Facebook or Ravelry etc.) so I could set it up properly.
    Do you like the gadgets that one can have on a blog where visitors can converse - like a chat window, or do you prefer a comment thread after each entry?
    Great to hear from you on the blog. Cheers!