Thursday, 6 December 2012

The 'Fab' Reason

These guys are the catalyst for commencing this blog. They have taken a good portion of the year to complete, together with their instruments and display home.

Fellow crocheters and crafters have urged me to blog about the project because it has been a labour of love (and other emotions!). There are many points of interest and learning to write about so I will be telling the story in instalments.

Think of this quick pic as a 'teaser' to the full portfolio. I have been taking lots of pictures of all sorts of detail because I will be giving these guys away and want to remember everything about them.

Any questions or comments will be gladly received so that I can include a response within the relevant future blog entry.


  1. They look great - looking forward to hearing their story (and yours).

    I found your blog from Ravelry and hope your new venture goes well.


    1. Thank you for your kind words estel2006,

      I am still finding my way with the blog and haven't settled on a regular posting schedule yet. The aim is for a weekly entry and Thursday seems to be the most convenient day of the week so far.
      Ravelry is a great resource. I will keep a lookout for you and your work next time I log on to . Maybe I will find some amigurumi on your project list? Enjoy!