Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Eve Yarnbombing

Christmas Eve is here, and I celebrated by going into the city to see the lights and sights. Most of the public buildings such as the town hall were adorned with bunting and lights, while the trees lining the main thoroughfares twinkled with fairy lights. Very pretty. The weather was mild and many people were out and about, yet the city was still quiet with a relaxed atmosphere. 

This year our city has a giant Christmas tree in the main square. It is claimed to be the tallest Christmas tree in the southern hemisphere. It is not a real live tree but it is certainly spectacular with lights all the way up to the star on top which runs through a sequence of colour changes. Glowing, illuminated boxes represented the presents under the tree.

But that's not all–the next photos are
for all the yarnbombers!

As we walked through the square we discovered a line of trees which had been decorated with crochet, knitting and other found objects. Some obviously themed for Christmas, others more abstract.

I wonder whether my artist friend K was involved with this project or not. She has been involved in other textile art exhibitions and similar projects. I am also thinking about C who was involved in a similar yarnbombing exercise in her home city where trees also became the objects of crocheted artistic expression.

These photos are for these friends and everyone to enjoy. I apologise in advance for any inferior image quality because the photos were taken with my phone which is all I had to hand at the time and it was tricky lighting–very dark in some places and extremely bright in others due to artificial lighting–but I couldn't walk past without taking photos to share with you.

The pièce de résistance was impressive; not by its size or complexity, but because of its location–right in the middle of the fountain! How wet one would get trying to do a guerrilla installation there! That's dedication; although I suspect that the whole project was in consultation with the city's powers-that-be. In fact, I think I remember when the call went out for people to get involved, so I will follow up on that information in the coming week so that the perpetrators/participants can be credited for their work. For now, I just wanted to get the pictures up as soon as possible to share Christmas Eve with you.

The ibis in the fountain now has knitted 'wing warmers' with a crocheted scarf around its neck.
It is hard to see the scarf as it is rather soggy now!

What does your city/town/neighbourhood look like at Christmas? How do you spend your Christmas Eve? There is a comment box below where you can tell, and if you have pictures to show (especially those involving crochet!), please email them to jodiebodiecrochets@gmail.com and satisfy the armchair traveller in me! (Travel is not easy for me these days, so I LOVE seeing photos and learning about other places in this amazing world that we live in.)

I sincerely wish you a peaceful and special holiday time, wherever you are this Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!

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