Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 Scorecard

Happy New Year –2014!

Time to reflect on my goals for the past year and see how many were fulfilled.

The original list is in “It’s a Goal!” (7 Jan 2013) along with advice about setting goals effectively.

My score was 3 out of 10 items achieved. Here’s the rundown:

1. Take Top A with me and work on it when I am out and about.
x Nope. Didn’t happen!
2. Put Top B aside until I have completed Top A, then re-assess whether to continue.
x Didn’t complete Top A so Top B never got a look-in.
3. Complete the commissioned work by the 25 January.
Trying to remember which commissioned work it was! If it was what I think it was (beanie+beard) then it did get done. YAY!
4. Make a small but very personal wedding gift by 15 March.
x Completed the gift but not by 15 March.  Completed in June! Very disappointed about missing the deadline but the recipient still loved and appreciated it. 
5. Create crocheted inserts to spruce up two older bath towels before the end of the year.
x Nope. Didn’t get near them. Every time I hung them out on the line to dry I thought that I must make it a priority because they need rejuvenation.  All thought, no action!
6. Crochet tea towel tops for every tea towel in the stack in my gift box and get them done before the end of the year.
x Got them all out, had a look; overwhelmed by choice , couldn't decide, packed them all up again!  Haven’t gone back to them since.
7. Raffle off a project that is school-related by 30 June.
x Had project all set to go.  Events beyond my control prevented fulfilment of this goal.
8. Decide upon the next fundraising project by 30 June.
By 30 June I was well into my next fundraising effort to compensate for lack of a raffle. Topic for a future post.
9. Maintain a blog by posting at least once a fortnight, preferably once a week, for the entire year.
49 entries in 52 weeks isn’t bad and averages out to once a fortnight even though there were times where more than a fortnight elapsed between posts. Since commencing the blog on 22 November 2012, I have posted 57 entries in 57 weeks.  I am astounded and pleased with this average of 1 post per week.  It was a lot more time consuming than expected. There were lots of things I wanted to blog about but time constraints worked against me. I hope I can catch up in 2014.
10. Attend the annual craft fair in my city in November.
x Did not attend for the first time in years.  No energy, time, money or motivation at the end of a huge 2013.
There were some very good reasons for being unable to achieve 7 out of these 10 goals. I can explain
Aside: I can report success with one goal in 2013: no hospital admissions for an entire year. That's 2 years in a row now. Yay! Wishing good health and happiness for all of us in 2014.
Happy New Year!


  1. given the year that You've had I think Zero hospitalisations needs more than A one line aside.
    Also I think this list, while admirable, proves something we need reminding of occasionally → none of us have a crystal ball. The world didn't end because some of these projects didn't get completed and the lives of those around you (especially me) were richer because you sometimes put these projects down or aside to spend time with, or do something for us.
    2014 is a blank slate, I'm looking forward to reading your goals for 2014 and setting some of my own. Heresi to a happy, healthy, fulfilling Year of friendship & crochet!

  2. The main focus of this post was to reflect on the crochet goals so I wasn't sure whether to include the health goal or not. Due to its significance as the one major ongoing goal of my life, I couldn't help but include it as I quietly celebrated and reflected on 2013.
    I appreciated your wider perspective very much. It is true; the world did not end. In our complicated lives it is too simplistic to measure success by the number of items ticked off a list. (Perhaps this is an expectation of western society, driven by the economic notions of productivity?)
    My goal list is just a guideline for what might be achieved based on circumstances at that time. I don't interpret my score of 3/10 as a value judgment, but as a learning tool which will continue to guide me into future projects. As you have rightly pointed out, Adrienne, we do not know what the future holds, and unforeseen events can turn everything upside down in an instant, bringing new lessons to bear; and 'that's' the adventure!
    When you have set your goals for 2014, feel free to share them here or share a link if you post your goals elsewhere online. Of course, emails are welcome too (
    I look forward to comparing notes. All the best for 2014!