Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Scarf, Anyone?

Can you believe it?

It's 41 degrees Celsius* and
here I am crocheting scarves!

Yes, I hereby declare 2014 the year of the scarf.

After all the beanies and berets in 2013, I can get back to my original intentions for the Scrumptious & Sumptuous Stash - a bunch of luxury silk mohair scarves.

So light and soft! 

They are surprisingly warm for their airiness.  The mohair fibres trap air in the holes. The longer the scarf sits near your body, the warmer and cosier it gets but because it is a natural fibre, it breathes so the temperature is always 'just right'.

I must dash and get back to the hook while I have some rare time for myself, before the hordes arrive at the end of a busy day.

If you are baking in the heat, keep cool, and if you are shivering in a colder clime, think warm scarves!

*41°C = 105.8°F

Post scriptum: It reached 43 degrees Celsius today. 

43°C = 109.4°F


  1. Ok, that's a bit hot. I'm extremely grateful for the cloud cover we have in Pretoria today! Scarves...oooh, after completing two mezzalunas last year and giving it away, this year will be about one for ME. Looking forward! One will be a cotton/bamboo/mixture, and the other mohair as well!

  2. Your Mezzalunas were lovely. I think I like the coloured stripey one best because they are cheerful colours, but the blue/grey one looks elegant. Cotton/bamboo would be lovely for your climate. Bamboo can get quite heavy but with a blend and lots of 'holes' in the fabric, it should give you a perfect balance of drape and weight.
    Have you done a lot of work with mohair before? I found that my scarves can be painstaking at times because mohair matts into itself almost straight away when crocheted. (I don't know if knitting is the same.). Mohair can be impossible to rip back if you make counting mistakes. For me, the tricks are to have looser tension than normal and to use lots and lots of stitch markers to help keep the count so that when a mistake is made, you can catch it sooner, rather than later.
    I can't wait to see your next colour choices and finished products - and how nice to have something for yourself this time. All the best :-)