Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sad Sock

This is a lonely sock.

It lost its mate for which I had been searching for months!

"But it's not even crochet!" I hear you cry.  
It was once.

This sock began life in 2010 
when I made my first pair of socks ever. 

Crocheted Socks
(June 2010)
It was quite an adventure because the pattern was confusing. 
I must have ripped them out and started over at least 4 times during the process and no wonder - I complicated it by accidentally starting with size M and finishing with S!.  

While they fit my feet eventually, they grew too uncomfortable so, a year later, they ended up altogether frogged ("rip it, rip it").

A pair of frogged socks.
(Moda Vera 'Noir' colour #06, 75% wool, 25% nylon.)

In 2012 I tried again but used 5 double pointed aluminium knitting needles instead.

My first ever pair of knitted socks.
(July 2012)
I used Lion Brand's free pattern for Basic Socks (Pattern #70739AD).

These socks fitted better. At the time I noted that they were "not tight on me, but not loose either. Perfect bed socks but they fit my daughter well and she has already claimed them as her own!"

She got a lot of wear out of them until one day I wanted to inspect them together and couldn't find the pair.  Just to make sure it wasn't the same one sock finding its way into the laundry each week, I put one away in a safe place until the second sock made an appearance.

Well!  Months later the second sock did appear when we decided to rearrange the bedroom furniture.  The second sock had slipped down between a tall bunk bed and the wall, making its way down to a hiding place behind a cupboard.

It emerged as a very sad sock indeed!
With no less than 10 holes, it is a sorry sight.
Obviously, something has eaten into it while it was lying on the floor for months.  I don't know whether it was moth larvae (I don't recall seeing moths in that bedroom and we have no problems with other items in the room) or perhaps some other creepy crawly. 

Do geckos like to eat fibre? Perhaps this sock had been put behind the cupboard as a secret stash for Smokey Bunny?  I know he liked to chew all sorts of things and hide in tight places!

Regardless, I have no good use for one sock alone, so it looks like both socks will be frogged yet again, ready for another re-invention!

Any ideas for third time lucky?


Lion Brand "Basic Socks" (Pattern #71739AD):

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