Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sneak Peek: Take a SIP of colour - Scarves In Progress

This month I have been crocheting silk mohair scarves and I am in love with the colours.

Here's a sneak preview of the scarves I hope to have finished by the end of March.

Silk-mohair scarf of my own design (work in progress March 2014)
Filet crochet table centre "Rambling" (completed November 2009)

When I put my scarf down, I thought it made a pretty scene by my big window. I love the way the pinks and purples in the scarf can also be found in the bunch of flowers. 

I am touched that a sweet 11-year-old family friend decided to pick these beautiful blooms from her garden especially for me.  

Although the flowers were  picked only yesterday, they are already starting to wilt because these blooms had been open on the bushes for some time, but there is still enough colour and fragrance for them to remain in the milk jug-come-vase for a little longer. 

The heady perfume of the bloodshot rose in particular is sublime. Any petals that fall are destined for the potpourri jar.

In the photo you can also see one of my favourite statues of a boy and two bunnies (I do miss my bunny Smokey), some hand crafted beeswax candles and a basket for keeping the table linen which normally adorns my work table when crochet time is over.  The cloth beneath my scarf is one that I crocheted using filet crochet techniques and completed in November 2009.

Called "Rambling", the doily pattern appeared in the UK periodical Crochet Monthly (No. 320). My version is worked in a 4-ply cotton with 2 mm and 1.75 mm hooks.

A closer look at the gorgeous colours of the Alchemy Haiku silk mohair.
I will name this scarf 'Lotus Flower'.

[Cue TV cooking show voice] "And here's one I prepared earlier..." 
This scarf in progress is named 'Heartland'.
The depth of colour in the red tones is not obvious in this photo
but it varies from a bright pure red through rich dark tones, and dipping into pink.

My third scarf is rich in the tones of nature but I am sorry I don't have a photograph of that one yet. I'm in too much of a hurry to get all the scarves finished.

Don't worry, I will share more details when they are done.

Which of these two scarves do you like best?

Further Information

Alchemy Yarns of Transformation:

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Lupey Loops blog post "Scrumptious & Sumptuous Stash" (14 May 2013): http://lupeyloops.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/scrumptious-sumptuous-stash.html

Lupey Loops blog post "Smokey" (23 October 2013):

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