Thursday, 15 January 2015

Red Lacy Scarf Finished!

The filet crochet scarf has 15 cm fringe at each end.
A separate circular band can be used as a fastening.

I am so excited to have finished the red lacy scarf that I took with me to crochet in hospital.

What do you think?
Full length of scarf with 15 pattern repeats and fringe untrimmed:
120 cm (47") long and 18 cm (7") wide including fringe.

The pattern is "Diamond-Strike Banded Scarf" by Kristen Stolzfus and was published in Crochet One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects from Crocheters Around the World.

Scarf-in-progress after 10 pattern repeats with book in the background.

I lengthened the scarf by adding three extra pattern repeats to make 15 rows of filet spiderweb motifs instead of 12 rows. Now it is such a versatile scarf because the extra length gives options either to use the band to link it together or to wear the scarf without a band in a traditional way.

This filet crochet scarf has such an easy pattern: portable, easily memorised, no worries about sizing and quick to finish.

I love it so much, I want to make another!

This longer version of the scarf weighs 48 grams. I have 47 grams left on the skein. 
That should be enough to make a second scarf–the original short version.

Scarf Details

Pattern: "Diamond-Strike Banded Scarf" by Kristen Stolzfus
Yarn: Carnival 5-ply 100% acrylic 100 grams / 417 metres
Colour: 60 bright red
Lot: 771704
Hook: red anodised aluminium 3.5 mm
Project used: approximately 52 grams / 217 metres
Finished dimensions:
Without fringe: 18 cm x 91 cm (7" x  36")
Including fringe: 18 cm x 120 cm (7" x 47")
My Ravelry project page:


Durant, Judith & Eckman, Edie (editors), Crochet One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects from Crocheters Around the World, 1st printing, ISBN 978-1-61212-042-3,, Storey Publishing LLC, 210 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247, USA, 2013

Stoltzfus, Kristen, "Diamond-Strike Banded Scarf" [crochet pattern]:

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  1. it IS beautiful. I love the colour and your work is exquisite!

    1. Thank you Mary-Anne, I am quite taken with it. It has a lovely lightness and drape to it.

  2. What a beautiful scarf! Amazing work! I admire your skill, it looks so complicated!

    1. Thank you, Frigga, it looks complicated but it isn't really. It only uses basic filet crochet stitches: treble crochet, double crochet and chains (Australian/UK terms). You can do it!

      It grows very quickly too because the mesh is full of 'holes'; a very satisfying scarf all round.

      In fact, I went ahead and made another one! I will post about it this week and include more details and photos about the pattern and how I made the scarf. Feel free to ask any questions you like. I am happy to help. :-)

  3. Hello!! I've found you through your lovely response to my comment on Fox's Lane and am your newest follower. Can I say that it has made me happy to find someone who 'gets it?' it's a shame that that is through your own personal experience but it seems that we experience similar challenges through physical ability. I look forward to sharing in your crafty creations, J9 x

    1. Hi Janine and welcome to Lupey Loops. Thanks for popping over to visit. I am happy to see you.

      It has taken me some time to respond here because I was visiting your blog and reading about your 'Disability Journey' and am astounded at how similar our experiences have been despite different circumstances. I agree with all of your words of wisdom, having come to similar conclusions myself through my own journeys and totally 'get it' and can see that you do too from your blog posts.

      You may be interested in some of my previous posts which address the same issues as yours, namely grief and loss:
      "Surviving Chronic Illness: Positive Affirmation"
      and from there a link to a discussion about acceptance:
      "Almost there! Affirmation & Acceptance"

      I know I am 'preaching to the converted' but I thought it might interest you to compare notes. I found myself agreeing emphatically with your reflections.

      I can relate to so many aspects of your journey; e.g. pressures to get well, PTSD, parenting with disability, daily variability etc. and also 'struggling to follow one's own guidance' at times! (The intellect knows what one needs to do but sometimes the heart tries to over-ride that!)

      I try not to focus too much on my physical limitations in the blog but they are an intrinsic part of my daily life and influence everything I do, including my crochet and other crafts. I like that your blog is not to be negatively influenced by disability but it does help to provide perspective, understanding and support by including these issues from time to time.

      I'm so glad you introduced yourself and look forward to getting to know you better and sharing 'crafty chronicles'. Many healing hugs to you, Janine xxx