Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome 2015: A Year of New Projects

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015!
How did you see in the new year? 

I had a quiet night in with close friends, favourite foods and good fun. At midnight, with both sparklers and 'sparkly', we toasted goodbye to 2014 and welcome to 2015. I wish you all the best of happiness and good fortune in the coming year.

Thank you for your support in 2014, especially for visiting, reading, emailing, sharing, supporting, encouraging, teaching, commenting, introducing yourself and allowing me to get to know you and make new friends in the crafty side of the blogosphere. May this trend continue in 2015.

What do you want from 2015?

I want 2015 to be the year for new projects; when I say 'new', I mean altogether new–projects that are new to the world because they are projects that I have either redesigned in part with modifications or projects that have been designed from scratch all by myself.

Looking back through the last few years of crochet work, I realised that there are projects I had intended to share on Lupey Loops but didn't get around to posting, including projects that I had fun designing myself.  In 2015 I will make a special effort to catch up on sharing all the news.

Shall I be a tease and give a sneak preview? That way you can help me to be accountable for my intentions.

Have a look at my review of 2013:

There are projects there that have stories to go with them that need to be told!


  1. Beautiful cardigan! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you Sarah, I promise you, you will see more this year! May 2015 be wonderful for you and your new-look blog. Cheers! xx

  2. Happy 2015 from 2014! We are still in the past in Europe... At the moment I am waiting for our visitors to come over, so we can have dinner and celebrations together :)

    Take care

    1. Haha! The time difference didn't even occur to me, Anne! Your comment caught me by surprise and made me think twice - how funny! I get very excited at New Year. I think I like New Year better than Christmas or even my birthday. Happy celebrating! Cheers! xx

  3. Hello Jodie!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your fun projects in the new year!
    Happy New Year!!!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Happy New Year Ingrid!
      Before I put more projects up for this year, there are still a few from 2013 and 2014 I want to report on for my own reference as much as for sharing. I have appreciated your feedback and ideas very much this past year. May 2015 be full of crochet goodness! Cheers! xx

  4. Hi Jodie!

    Happy new year! De beste wensen voor 2015! ;)
    I'm looking forward to hearing all about your projects. They're all very pretty!

    xxx Frigga

    1. Dank ye wel Frigga en gelukkig nieuw jaar!
      Ik will verhalen van jouw haakwerk en prachtig familie (tochter en dieren) in 2015 ook zien!
      Wanneer mijn Hollandse taal slecht is, berispen alstublieft! :-)
      Cheers! xx

      P.S. If my Dutch does not make sense, please correct me!