Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Week in WIPs

A collection of items laid out on a lime green crocheted blanket. Clockwise from top left - ball of lime green acrylic yarn, Inside Crochet magazine issue 61, small white 'noodle box' with blue bow on handle 'It's a boy!', multicoloured crocheted bag with knitting dolly resting on top, a skein of variegated sock yarn, a strip of purple ribbing, leading left towards its project bag which is made of red organza with gold chinese characters painted on it.
A summary of my week in crochet.

My blog entries have been irregular lately due to 
'hatches, dispatches and bad health patches'! 

Thank you for your patience with the pause between posts.

As the first semester of the study year gets into full swing, family life takes priority. 

Autoimmune disease limits my energy–there are no reserves to draw upon when extra demands arise–so something has to give.

With more errands and hot weather come more symptoms too. Physical health has been a daily challenge. Restoring the balance means less blogging and more rest while trying to manage a very busy time.

I've harnessed crochet to stay calm under stress and find joy in each day. Those projects I started at the end of January are coming along nicely.  

You can see their progress in my photo which gives clues about my recent crochet week(s):

  • Lime green baby blanket (the stitch has been described as 'griddle stitch' or 'cobble stitch')
  • I picked up Issue 61 of Inside Crochet magazine at the newsagent this week. Originally published in December 2014 in the United Kingdom, it is only appearing in the shops now (March 2015).  
  • A little gift (noodle) box to celebrate a new baby boy!
  • A skein of Moda Vera Noir variegated sock yarn going through the knitting dolly.
  • Underneath the knitting dolly is the "WIP Project Bag" (pattern by Janet Brani) which is still a WIP.  Should I rename it the "FO Project Bag" when it is complete?
  • A strip of purple ribbing which is hoping to turn into a belt-tie for my purple cardigan. When it tells me it is long enough, I will fasten off and publish the blog entry for the finished Belcarra Cardigan.

That's a quick photographic update for now, with more details to come when the projects are done. 

How has your week been?

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  1. I am sorry you have been finding things tough, I had missed your posts. I'm glad the crochet is helping, I find it a great help too so long as it doesn't take too much brain power! You and your family come first, look after yourself. Sharon x

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Sharon. I am glad to have regular readers like you who understand the whole 'autoimmune' challenge, although it is always sad to know that people understand because they have been through or are going through it too. However the great thing is that we have the blogosphere as a channel for mutual support and sharing.
      Crochet does help and all my current projects are fairly simple and meditative at the moment. I love the versatility of crochet - something for every mood and situation. Enjoy your crafting! :-)

  2. I am glad you are feeling better enough to blog. Good progress on those projects - well done!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Mary-Anne. With lots of activity going on in my family life, my brain couldn't focus on blogging for a while, plus I am keen to work on some new projects soon (there are always new patterns to tempt a person!) and get the current stash-busting ones out of the way.

  3. I hope you health will have a high again soon! Do you know the spoon theory? It is such a good way to explain autoimmun sickness and fatigue!
    Take care Anne

    1. Ah yes, 'the spoon theory'. I read about the spoon theory many many years ago now and it is such a good metaphor to explain the energy burden of chronic illness. It was originally posted on the website "But You Don't Look Sick":
      As I was going through some correspondence the other day I came across a note I had made about the Spoon Theory where my response was "Welcome to my life!" Not a lot has changed since then. Counting spoons and bargaining spoons against one another is such a drag but a necessary part of life for me. Planning takes up its own energy. Do you find that? I hope that this message finds you well and may you be blessed with all the spoons you ever need. xx

  4. I hope you are feeling better again soon! I love that red/yellow yarn!

    1. Thank you Darrah. It is good to see you back in the blogosphere and I hope you will feel better soon too! Just take things slowly and steadily.
      That red/yellow (with green and plum too) yarn was so appealing that I bought it when I was planning to learn about socks. I still really like it and would like to have some socks in those colours, but when I had a hospital stay last year I wanted to pack some smaller projects.
      The "Crochet One-Skein Wonders" book had some great ideas and my daughter wanted me to make her the little "WIP Project Bag". I have been trying to only source yarn from my stash as much as possible and this colourful sock yarn fit the bill with its colours and weight. I am a little disappointed that I probably won't get any socks out of it, and it is probably discontinued by now but it can still be enjoyed reincarnated into a bag!