Thursday, 19 March 2015

Whoooo's this?

Crocheted owl bib laid out on two layers of wrapping paper. The ties and top half of the bib are purple: the bottom half is yellow. The bib has a purple border with purple wings on the sides. A red triangle is the beak and the eyes are made up of a small purple circle laid over a larger white circle.
I love wrapping presents!

Yes, it's another owl bib.
(Lion Brand pattern #90157AD)

This one is welcoming a darling new arrival
–a beautiful baby boy.

Crocheted owl bib laid out on two layers of wrapping paper.

I do like these Lion Brand bib patterns (obviously, since this is the third owl bib so far!)

More details about this and other bibs I have made can be found in a previous post "Not So Secret Baby Items".

Crocheted owl bib laid out on blocking board grid.  

Here is a photo of the bib on the blocking board so you can get an idea of the measurements.

The grid is in inches.

Our new arrival is such an adorable little man!

I plan to make something a little bigger than a bib for him very soon, but the bib was all I could manage for the moment.

This cute little noodle box is a little memento and 'Thank You' gift which came with a sweet message from a beautiful mum:

Hubby, baby & myself are in love with that owl bib. 
It’s actually one of the best gifts I’ve received so far.

It is lovely to receive appreciation for one's efforts but that is not why I love wrapping presents. 

It's being able to give a unique personalised gift full of love and care to make someone feel special. It's the enjoyment of watching the excitement and delight as a gift is opened.

Yes, I love wrapping presents 
but I think I love the unwrapping even more!



Pattern Details

Lion Brand Yarn Company, "Cotton-Ease (new) Owl Bib", free pattern #90157AD, 2009:

Hook: G6 (USA) 4.25 mm acrylic

Yarn: Moda Vera 'Beetle' 50% cotton 50% acrylic blend DK 100 g / 188 m per ball.
  • Yellow #144 lot #131203 used 8 g / 18 m
  • Purple #09 lot #1109218 used 6 g /14 m
  • Red #77 lot #14635 used 2 g / 5 m
  • White #31 lot #1109222 used 3 g / 7 m


Lupey Loops, "Not So Secret Baby Items", blog entry, 24 December 2014:


  1. omg! I am so gonna make that for my niece's number four!

    1. The bib itself is very quick to make. It takes me a little longer to finishe the details because I am so slow at hand-sewing appliques but the results are worth it. Make sure to share your finished owl bib with us please! :-)

  2. There is certainly something special about giving something you have put your time and love into. sadly I am the only crafty one in my family so I don't often receive handmade gifts unless they are from the children. x

    1. Being the only crafty one in the family, how does everyone else value your crafts? I find that non-crafty people will either absolutely appreciate what goes into the hand-making because they don't have the skill themselves and wish that they could do something like that and appreciate the personal link; or they don't understand the process and are totally dismissive and unappreciative. There seems to be no in-between. Perhaps you can enthuse the children about crafts. Right now is a good time while it is trendy and there are so many kits and books around.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too. I used the Moda Vera 'Beetle' cotton/acrylic that you like. I want to make the owl in other colours too but I like this combination so much that I have persisted with it. I love purple and yellow. I have noticed that there were fewer colours from which to choose last time I went to stock up. Is the Beetle colour range itself reduced or is it just useless stock control?

  4. What a cute bib! I might steal that idea for you... so many friends with babies and toddles who might enjoy such a bib!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

    1. Owls have been so popular and just the thing over the past couple of years, especially since the Harry Potter films where Harry had an owl as a pet Owls were very big in the 1970s in Australia. My sister-in-law started collecting them back then. I like that owls do not have any connotation of either male or female so if you don't know the baby's sex, it is a safe motif to use.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Anne. I love the strong colours and contrasts.

  6. just cute!
    There is so much things we can do with a hook!!

    1. That is the wonderful nature of crochet. I love it!

  7. Love it, just need a baby to make one for now xx

    1. Hugs to you, Cheryl! If you love it, you should make it. My wish for you is that a special baby will come into your life in one way or another. You can still crochet that bib with love and hope and see what the future brings. xx