Thursday, 28 May 2015

A 'Drafty' Mind as the Fog Lifts

Windowsill looking out to a trellis (left to right) green plant in white pot, glass jar containing crochetd poppies, terracotta-coloured windowbox with geranium foliage, statue of boy with bunnies.
A jar of crocheted poppies
between the pot plants

Has it truly been two weeks since the last blog entry? That's what happens when life gets hectic (and when one loses an entire week to being crook) but I managed to get so much done regardless!

The highlight of the fortnight was a girls' night out staying in (I promise it will make sense eventually) with coffee, crochet and good friends including the vivacious Michelle from Crochet Between Worlds.

Close-up of WIP Project Bag made in variegated sock yarn. The i-cord drawstrings can be seen on the right hand side.
Don't leave home without a bag:
WIP Project Bag
A knitted look done with crochet!

This fortnight has seen more outings than usual–a combination of social events, errands and medical appointments–leaving little time for sitting at the computer and blogging. Naturally, with so much going on, there are lots of things to blog about! 

The photographs have now been taken and the stories have been drafted in my mind but I have been either too busy or too tired or ill to put them together. Isn't that typical?

I bet when I have all the time in the world to type away, my brain will be blank and the words will have run away from me! That would be my luck! 

So this is another post with a preview of the stories I am working on, including my lovely meeting with Michelle, so keep watch for posts in the near future about:

Close-up of scarves-in-progress: (Left to right) striped tricot, silk mohair, variegated slip stitch.
Scarves in progress

  • surrounding myself with scarves;

  • step-by-step photos as I complete the WIP Project Bag and turn it into a backpack;

A pile of crocheted poppies in close-up with black centres and red petals with black threads attached on their backs for stitching them onto something later.
A pile of poppies

  • poppies, poppies and more poppies! A batch of beautiful blooms is complete and I have been busy with the finishing touches. Blocking is the key to making your projects look good. I have been taking photographs so I can share the methods that I use to get the best results;
  • a new pattern. In the process of making so many poppies, I came up with my own design for a little poppy pin and will share the instructions.
A rounded 'mini poppy' with a black centre and cupped red stitches to represent petals. A black thread is still attached.
Mini Poppy
(my design)

It is taking me a while to get the posts together because, between all of these fun activities, I have been ill with autoimmune problems.

There's nothing like a week of fatigue fog to set back one's activities, and force a game of 'catch-up'. Fortunately my energy has returned so I hope it will last long enough to actually publish all those posts and maybe even 'catch up'!

Perhaps the drafts composing in my mind were also 'drafty' (draughty) enough to blow the fatigue fog right away! I wish it were that simple. 

Signing off now to get back to those photos.  

What a busy fortnight it has been!

How busy has your fortnight been?


  1. I am really intrigued about your wip project bag and the stitch you have used! I am glad you are picking up a bit, those busy weeks really take it out of you don't they! I really hope you can have a really long spell of feeling better. Take care x

    1. Thank you Sharon. I hope so too! The stitch is a split stitch. It removes some of the diagonal bias that occurs with regular crochet stitches. My variegated sock yarn highlights it very well.
      I still need to finish off the bag, taking photos as I go. When they are all done, I will be able to explain it in more detail. My mind has a vision but the challenge is finishing more urgent projects first without getting distracted by new magazines on the newsstand! Please be patient! :-)

  2. Sounds busy! Glad to hear you and Mich had such a good time. Wish I could have been there too!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

    1. I wish you could have been there too! There were so many things we didn't get around to sharing and discussing - good reason to organise another meeting one day. :-)