Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lots Going On! (Update)

Lupey Loops blog posts have been irregular lately because it has been such a busy time in many areas of my life: health, family, community, crochet and the blogosphere!

This post is about sharing all the news!

Brent Reilly of the Crows is chaired off after his 200th game by Ben Rutten & Scott Thompson.
Brent Reilly of the Crows is
chaired off after his 200th game
by Ben Rutten & Scott Thompson.
(Source: AFL Media)

Sad News

The most recent news is about Adelaide Crows footballer, Brent Reilly, who announced his immediate retirement from football yesterday. 

Please refer to the post, "Shocking News on the Radar" for the background.  That blog entry is also updated with the latest news links. 

Katrina Gill's article "Reilly Retires" lists all of Brent Reilly's achievements and discusses his future plans. The Adelaide Football Club have also posted a video tribute to the career of Brent Reilly, "Thank You Radar" (3'51").

It always makes me sad to see someone's livelihood come to an end due to injury or illness.


Two clown doctors wearing white coats, stethoscopes around their funny hats, red noses and carrying ukeleles.
Clown Doctors

I have been battling regular flares this year. It has been a very busy start to the year with barely a moment to catch my breath. 

As the years roll on, the MCTD seems to insidiously introduce new symptoms to the mix; fleeting ones which occasionally popped their head in the window have decided to come right in – perhaps they are hoping to find a cosy place to stay for the winter – but I am hoping to put a stop to that.

The rounds of medical specialists and tests have started again which is good for crocheting in waiting rooms, but being out and about so often puts pressure on the weekly schedule and restricts my physical capacity to manage the regular household routines.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed some years of relatively good health and been able to do many things that were mere dreams all those years ago when I first fell very ill.  It has been a good ride for so long but now I am reminded every day to be careful.  

Have I taken the good times for granted?  I hope not, but it is so easy to pretend on a good day that I can do normal things again and get carried away with the joy of it!  Recently the MCTD has been quite disruptive again and I am sure my over-activity has played a part, along with other aggravating factors.

Family demands and special events do take their toll eventually and during April and May I took a week off to rest and recover after being super busy.

Some things are just impossible to avoid such as …

Special Events

Fairy lights strung up and lit against the night sky with a paper crane suspended in the foreground of the photograph.
It looks like a party!

We had a milestone birthday in the family culminating in a party at home with approximately 20 people.  I used to love entertaining and I miss the days when I was able to host regular gatherings. I am too tired nowadays and it takes most of my energy to get through the regular daily tasks.

It took months of planning due to budget restrictions and the challenges of fatigue:
  • how to find time to do the extra shopping 
  • entire weekends taken up with cooking and nothing else because once the party food was done, I was spent! Meanwhile the other jobs got left behind with lots of catching up to do
  • finding energy for DIY preparations
  • how to get the house tidied in advance and keep it tidy
  • rallying friends and family for practical help
… and how to manage it all without collapsing in a heap!

Tabletop with jars containing either tea light candles or flowers. A two-tiered cake stand with cupcakes is in the background on the right hand side.
Recycled glass jars were used as vases
and holders for tea light candles
and placed around the garden.
Whenever big things like this come up, it is never a matter of extra things on the 'to-do' list but a matter of choosing which other priorities will have to be dropped to make room for the new ones. 

It is always a juggling act but lately I feel like I am just balancing on that tightrope and any moment now I could lose my balance and slip and drop all the balls!

I am happy to report that the party was a success, everything went to plan and I managed to survive!  Despite the absolute fatigue catching up with me, I was so happy to have hosted a large social event at my home for the first time in years. It was fun and left me with a sense of triumph.

Wishing every one who helped and supported me and my family 
a big thank you! 

A collection of daisy, chrysanthemum and gerbera flowers floating in the bird bath.
Pretty party flowers
decorated the garden

Stitches and Craft Fair enamel badge displays the event logo.
Stitches & Craft Show badge

The next big thing was the Stitches and Craft Show from which I am still recovering – almost there!


I've never had so many Works-In-Progress (WIPs) at one time!  Somehow I am surrounded by scarves! They all have unique techniques and challenges.

Approximately 10 rows of tricot above which is the double-ended bamboo hook.  On the left are two skeins of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport yarn in deep magenta and deep green.
The scarf started at
Prudence Mapstone's crochet workshop
at the Stitches and Craft Show.

  • Of course, I started a new scarf at the Stitches and Craft Show. It uses a double-ended hook to create tricot stripes.

    An above view of a silk mohair scarf in pink and blue tones, resting on a crocheted round table mat. On the mat next to the scarf is  vase of pink, yellow and purple roses.
    A former 'gallery scarf' in progress.

  • All of my 'gallery scarves' have sold and I am madly working on some more for this winter season. The current silk-mohair scarf is a new design of mine and I am very pleased with it.
  • A scarf in progress half in and half out of a clear snap lock bag. Made of slip stitch crochet, the scarf's colours graduate from a dark charcoal through reds, oranges and gold.
    Last year's slip-stitch scarf in progress.
    (Pattern: Slip Slope Scarf by Vashti Braha)


  • Last year, I made a slip-stitch scarf for a family member which was so popular that I am now making another for someone else!  This technique is also known as 'Bosnian' crochet and I had intended to blog about it last year, but never got there!  When this year's scarf is done, I promise I will write all about it and slip-stitch crochet.

These are not the only WIPs. I also have:
A rectangular shaped bag, flat on the blocking board with its yarn skein alongside. The yarn is variegated which produces stripes on the bag.
The backpack on the blocking board.
  • A small crocheted backpack which uses 'split stitches' to create the fabric pattern and I made the straps using a french knitting dolly.  I have chosen the fabric lining but am at a standstill until the recipient can decide the kinds of embellishments they want on the bag.  I want the threads from the embroidery to be on the wrong side of the bag and behind the lining.
  • A baby blanket which is resting until I can shop for some novelty yarn for a special effect.
  • The fingerless mitts which had been packed for hospital have been started but interrupted by the other projects! 

A variety of crocheted poppy flowers displayed on a white striped background
Some of the poppies I crocheted.

Last but not least, I am continuing to crochet poppies!  There is a special reason for this but that is all I can say for now! (It's a secret; promise you won't tell!)

Blog Updates

Some of my original blog posts have been updated with extra information (either in the comments fields or in the text and reference lists).
  • As news comes to hand, links are being added to the post about Brent Reilly, "Shocking News on the Radar.
  • My post about the "Adelaide Stitches and Craft Show" is now complete with photographs and references including a link to a video in which Fiona Hammond and other crafty people from the show made it onto local TV!
  • The collection of "Poppy Patterns" continues. Internet addresses to new patterns are being added in the comment fields all the time.  I do not know how to insert active links into Blogger comment fields but I don't want to edit the original post so into the comment fields the new information goes!  Not to worry, I will collate them all with active links in a future blog post later in the year.Remember to add your favourite poppy patterns too!

That's the news!
With all of that going on, it's no wonder I'm tired!
Good night!


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  1. Your WIPs look lovely! Hope you get enough time to rest and recover.

    1. Having crochet to do is a good excuse to sit quietly. ;-)
      I hope you don't mind that I used some older photos of similar projects (slip-stitch and silk mohair scarves). It has been a very dark and rainy week and I have been waiting for the right conditions to photograph the WIPs. I hope to add a new photograph sometime today or tomorrow.
      Take care, Stel, xxx

    2. Sorry - still haven't got the new photos up yet. Perhaps a new post next week?

  2. oh my, I am exhausted just reading this. No wonder you needed some time off.
    Those poppies are amazing - I hope you share the secret (and the pattern) one day.

    1. Oh yes! I will share – there's a deadline to be met (I can hear your scolding. "I know, I know … you don't need to remind me not to make deadlines!") so after that time, when the project is all put together I will certainly share. I am hoping it will be amazing.

  3. Goodness, you HAVE been busy! I have a party coming up in a couple of weeks at my house too... only I hate entertaining, and I'm not very good at it. I'm hoping it goes well.

    1. Good luck with your party, Darrah! :-)
      Try to pre-prepare as much as possible for the least stress. I think as long as you keep people well fed and watered with comfy and pleasant surrounds, it should go well. Invite people who perk you up, not those who bring you down. A good bunch of people can make a party out of any circumstance. We made sure we had extra shawls etc. to wrap around if it got chilly or draughty, an outdoor heater, and remembered to cater for various diets like vegetarian or lactose/gluten free etc. So many times I have been to events and they offer pastries and marinated meats as nibbles - many people cannot eat pastries due to lactose intolerance (butter, milk) or gluten. I won't eat marinated foods when out because marinades that commercial premises use are usually ready-made processed products containing additives that I cannot tolerate. Fresh, home made are much better.
      Wishing you well for your party - what's the occasion?

  4. You have been very busy Jodie! The party does sound wonderful though and you did so well to organise it. I really want to do this myself after a long break from anything like that, just so much to do in organising the house before though! I love the flowers and candles you used in glass jars, so pretty. I totally agree with you that crochet does give you time to sit and relax! Take care and happy weekend,
    Best wishes
    Alison xx

    1. Thank you Alison for the happy weekend wishes. This weekend I went to the Adelaide Crows home game and there was a tribute to Brent Reilly. He did a 'lap of honour' in a vehicle today and received a standing ovation from everybody including fans of the opposing team. There was so much goodwill towards him which pleases me. The weather was perfect and I sat with my crochet on my lap, good company around me and the Crows won with some thrilling play.
      What kind of party would you be planning? I'm glad you liked my family's flowers and fairy lights theme. Tea light candles en masse are so simple and yet so effective; affordable too! You can also get tea light candles with citronella in them so if you are partying during the warmer months, you can keep the insects at bay at the same time.
      I recommend planning well in advance - because we had some months, it gave us time to collect lots of ideas and formulate our themes and goals for the party. Have fun with your planning! Happy days! :-)

  5. Wow, I would need some rest after ALL those things and I'm perfectly healthy. Your party pictures look lovely! I hope you feel better soon and maybe less hospital time.

    Shame about Brent Reilly, it's always so sad when sporters have to quit because they can't do it anymore. They uniforms though, how happy!

    Also, very interested in the Bosnian crochet, looks lovely.

    Going to go and read all your posts now, you're not the only one who has been busy :)

    x Amber

    1. :-) I have seen on your blog how busy you have been! ;-) Congratulations, Amber, on your beautiful baby boy. I also love your link to the "Moeder en Kind Poppe" on your "Birth Nerd" blog entry. That is a very clever design. I hope you had a beautiful first mother's day.
      I am doing some research into 'Bosnian' crochet as I find the time. I thought it was just another name for 'slip stitch crochet' but it seems that 'Bosnian' is a subset of the greater 'slip stitch' category. I am still looking into this and hope to share my findings on Lupey Loops when I get this scarf done.
      Thank you for your encouraging words about rest! I am beginning to feel better after taking every opportunity to rest and slow down since the party.
      I hope you are also getting rest when you can as a new mum.
      Hugs, Jodie xxx

  6. Life has certainly been very busy for you! I am sad to read that the MCTD is giving you troubles but it is good to read you are keeping positive about it. Fingers crossed it will get better/calmer soon.


    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

    1. Thanks for the hugs, Anne!
      One thing about a relapsing and remitting condition is that there is always the hope of a change for the better. Meanwhile, it is what it is. Today I am weak and wobbly with pain, nausea and fatigue; definitely a 'chair day' but am off to bed shortly because I can barely keep my eyes open! I hate being forced to surrender my days to illness but at least I know what to do to manage it until things settle down again. My fingers are crossed too that it will be soon.
      Jodie xxx