Saturday, 8 July 2017

Maker Faire Adelaide 2017 Call for Makers

It's that time of year again and in case you hadn't realised, 
Maker Faire Adelaide have put out their 'Call for Makers' 
to participate in this year's event.  

Coloured photo postcard: Centre white box of text surrounded by 6 photos of Maker Faire activities. Each photo is separated by a blue band.  Text: Maker Faire Adelaide Sunday November 5, 2017. Photos: (top left) a man with a brimmed hat, dark jacket and red-brown beard examines a model of miniature scenery; (top centre) A child 's smiling face wearing clear safety glasses; (top right) a man with black hair and black shirt smiling next to a piece of silver and white technology which could be a robot; (bottom left) faces of two smiling children between two daleks; (bottom centre) a young child with red hair and red/black top is hammering a nail; (bottom right) a woman with black hair, wearing a brown brimmed cloche-style hat and patterned vestis looking at a millinery exhibit. Hats are on the countertop and on raised stands.

Be quick! The deadline is 14 July 2017
You can find more information here:

The back of the Maker Faire postcard. Mascot "Sam" the robot is in the bottom left corner holding up a paintbrush daubed with red paint. Top left corner has the heading "Adelaide Maker Faire". Next to the heading is the following black text on a white background quoted in the body of the blog entry. Maker Faire Adelaide's web site address is in bold red letters in the centre. From the heading, a curve bordered by two blue bands sweeps down towards the bottom of the card and then up again towards the right edge. Some of the words within the blue section are: Science, Arduino, Digital A.., Drones, Hatter, Robots, ..tonomous Boats, Japanese Armour, Tinsmith, Computing, Lego Building, Experiments, 3D.., Jewellery Design, Hologram..words fade into a screen of pale blue onto which the followoing details are printed: South Australian Makers logo,, Sunday November 5, 2017 10am-4pm Tonsley; Email:; Twitter: @MakerFaireADL; Facebook: MakerFaireADL; A box on the bottom right says "WINNER Community Event of the Year 2017 - City of Marion (logo), Australia Day Celebrate what's great (logo)

What will I do this year?
Shall I be an exhibitor again or offer a workshop?

I had been asking myself this question since last year and decided that I would like to offer a workshop. 

I have the teacher training and the crochet skills.  I have ideas about a useful take-away project and ways to cater for crafters of all ages and skill levels in the same workshop.  Talking to people at last year's Maker Faire gave me a good idea about what people want to learn and who wants to learn it.

2017's exhibitor pass, made of cardboard. Printed on it are the words "Adelaide Maker Faire 2016" with a picture of Sam Robot. In black texta is the name "Jodie" and a smiley face.I have a great team of mates who step up to help with the physical and technological things that I am not good at and before we were even packed up from last year, they were already volunteering to participate this year.

One of my mottos is, "If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well" and I know that I need a significant amount of lead time to be properly prepared to present a workshop at a big event like Maker Faire Adelaide.

Unfortunately, this year has been super stressful and busy because of events that are happening around me which include a major restructure of disability support services in Australia and pending changes to some supports in my neighbourhood.  It has involved an avalanche of information with associated paperwork and correspondence. 

That has eaten up my energy!  There has hardly been room to pick up a crochet hook let alone prepare a workshop. It is so frustrating because I have the ideas, know what needs to be done, know how to do it but I haven't been able to do it!  Argh!  

That was even before I got sick in May.  I am certain that flare was a consequence of stress and being pushed beyond my physical limits too many times.  Even if it is just a toenail over the line, each overstepping of the mark accumulates until one day the body shouts "Enough!" in no uncertain terms.

With much disappointment, I have come to the conclusion that a workshop or even an exhibit might be too much for my tired body this year. <insert sad face here> 

Maybe there will be room for me to be an exhibitor or presenter every other year. It is such a shame because Maker Faire Adelaide was the highlight of my year. I had an absolute ball!
Jodie is seated, smiling with an apple in her hand. Behind her are garments hanging on the fence. From left to right, red beaded crochet lace top and belt, purple lace stitch cardigan, green 'petal pullover' short sleeved crocheted top, 'Woodstock duster jacket' in blue, green, orange and purple crochet mesh.
Enjoying myself at Maker Faire Adelaide 2016.

Thank you to SA Makers Incorporated and the amazing volunteer organisers who made Maker Faire Adelaide the biggest event of its type in the southern hemisphere. They were so accommodating of my needs.  If you are looking for a definition of social inclusion, these fabulous people have the right idea.

Whatever happens, I will put my hand up to be a volunteer helper on the day and, you never know, something might happen that lets me change my mind before the 14 July deadline.

If you wish to exhibit at Maker Faire Adelaide in 2017,
heed the Call for Makers now.
All the links you need are at the end of this post.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Maker Faire Links

Maker Faire,[web site], Maker Media Inc., San Francisco, California, USA:

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South Australian Makers Incorporated, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia:

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  1. So sorry to hear that you won't be able to head a workshop when you enjoyed it so much last year. Maybe you could combine your skills with someone else, but your health is more important and comes first. Take care.

    1. Yes, Lorraine, you are right that health does come first. To do a workshop, I need to source materials, write my lesson plan(s) and print instruction sheets for participants to take home, and possibly yarn winding into smaller amounts for a small project to make it go further. I would like to improve on the backdrop and signage as well but it all takes time and money too.

      If I don't get there this year, I will definitely be applying for next year. It was such a thrill to be chosen last year. I hope I won't let anyone down. I do want to catch up with the enthusiasts from last year to find out how they are going with their crochet.

  2. How exciting that it's coming up soon Jodie! I am certain you will still really enjoy the Faire as an attendee and/or volunteer. I too tend to overprepare and put so many hours into the class I taught last month at our local fiber fest. Having a skip year and focusing on your health this year may well be a wise move. Volunteering on the day will still be a wonderful contribution and make you feel part of the action!

    1. Oh it is so exciting, Tamara, especially since the event is 'in my backyard'. I've been invited to participate in a number of markets but being outdoors is not compatible with my photosensitivity. A sheltered place is best.

      'Overprepare' is a word that could be in my vocabulary. I would rather be overprepared than underprepared. That is what lesson planning is about. The extra tasks that I need lead time for are sourcing materials and having time for delivery plus a practice run of my presentation with friends who want to learn.

      I would like to source yarn that is a natural fibre, is locally spun or milled from South Austraian fleece. I would like to support local woolgrowers and other local crafters but that also takes time to negotiate.

      2017 has been so busy, I still hadn't finished unpacking all of my materials from 2016's Maker Faire until June!

      I do hope I can find a volunteer role that works for Maker Faire and for me. I'm thinking about yarnbombing my chair!

  3. I'm sure that you'll enjoy the fair either way, Jodie, and give a workshop next year. Wish I could join you.

    1. You are so right, Amalia. I will still go to Maker Faire whatever happens and will definitely enjoy myself. I love meeting people and learning about their amazing interests.

      I wish you could join me too. Wouldn't it be great if I could get all of our blogfriends down to Adelaide for the week, show you all the sights and finish with a super day at the Maker Faire?

      Happy dreams!

  4. It sounds like you have made the right decision for this year, and I am glad you will still go and meet all the wonderful 'makers'.

    1. I totally agree with you Mary-Anne, especially now that I have had time to settle on the decision. Thank you. x