Sunday, 20 August 2017

Too Soon to Tell!

Do you want to know why you haven't seen any finished crochet here for a while?

I promise there are good reasons
—some can be shared and some need to wait
but the main reason can be summed up in two words:
secret projects!

It won't be long until I can tell all. Meanwhile, here's something exciting that might give you a clue:

Four cards fanned out. Each card has the heading "ROYAL ADELAIDE SHOW" and is watermarked with the show's coat of arms. Each card has room for the Class no., Exhibit no. and Exhibitor no. The details have been erased for confidentiality.
Look what arrived in my letterbox
4 exhibit cards for the Royal Adelaide Show!
Yes!  I have actually entered crochet in the 
Royal Adelaide Show (RAS) for the first time ever.  
Can you believe it?   I am not sure that I can believe it yet.

For years, different people have suggested that I enter my work in the show but it was never something that appealed to me:
  • I didn't feel the need for a prize to tell me that I could crochet well.  
  • Past horror stories of prized work getting damaged or going missing from other Australian shows did not help.
  • That was beside the fact that I wasn't well enough anyway to attend the show or rely on my body to be able to deliver and collect the work on time (risking my work being discarded).  
  • My illness precludes me from paid employment and my very tight household budget make entry fees too frivolous an expense to justify.

So what happened?  

Apart from continuing encouragement and cajoling from others, especially from friends who have entered shows before, I was reassured that my concerns about security and handling of work have been addressed at the RAS.  

Now that my children are older, it is easier for me to get there and the entry fees are not exorbitant.

If I did well at the show, it would be a lovely way to add value to the crochet that I sell at Gallery M and a way to say "thank you" to the gallery's curator for choosing my work in the first place.

The final persuasive words, that I could not really argue with, were, "You never know, you could win some prize money and buy more yarn!"

I had to laugh at that because the yarn stash is so large already but a yarn winder or some stitch dictionaries etc. would be most welcome additions to the craft corner.

In the end, my curiosity got the better of me. Entering a show is something I had never done before and if I'm unable to exhibit at Maker Faire this year, then why not try the Royal Adelaide Show instead?

This year, I am entering four different  projects in the 'Open Art and Craft' competition.  The class on the top exhibit card is 439 "Creative Crochet: any original article designed and made exclusively by the exhibitor."  I will not divulge the details of the other cards because I want my entries to be anonymous.

You can see the list of classes in the 'Lace, Knitting and Crochet' section of the 'Open Art and Craft' Prize Schedule on the RAS web site.  Some of the prizes have been generously provided by Yarnarama. (We met Charmaine from Yarnarama at the Stitches and Craft Show back in 2015.)

This past week, I have been under pressure to finish my entries so wish me luck! 

I am way behind the eight ball with my timing!  That's the other reason you haven't seen much crochet on the blog.   
I haven't had much time to crochet at all.  

Some have been fun reasons like going out on weekends to the football, AVCon and other community events. Some have been family reasons like helping my youngsters prepare for major activities. Then there are the health reasons, the usual suspects: fatigue, flares, appointments and trying to juggle everything plus run a household where unforeseen events push me to my physical limits. 

In the past month, I was also confronted by a crisis in which one of my health support providers announced the closure of services.  Again, I found myself having to fight to maintain access to a service that is integral to my wellbeing. 

This circumstance was all part of the government's restructuring of disability support services in this country. Some bureaucrat made a decision without fully understanding the ramifications of it for the people who need the service.  

The stress of the whole debacle was detrimental to my health.  Firstly, the news was horrifying enough as there is no other service provider that is suitable for my needs. Where was I to go? 

I was then compelled to follow up with various authorities and lobby Members of Parliament to represent the needs of myself and, as it turned out, the 200 other people affected. Meanwhile, my energy was taken up with researching other possible providers,  working out a new plan, meetings, phone calls and emails. 

Eventually, the decision was overturned and the services will remain open. For now. A small win.
The powers-that-be say that I will still be able to access services but everything is subject to change.

I am so angry after all that stress was created and energy lost. They are days of my life I will never get back and I don't appreciate it.

That is why my entries for the RAS aren't even finished.  They need to be delivered for judging later this week (panic stations!) and one entry still has work to be done!  Talk about cutting it fine. 

This may be the first and last year I enter the show because I can do without the deadline stress but it is my own fault. I purposely entered an item that was unfinished so that it would motivate me to finish it. There would have been plenty of time had it not been for the health crises. If the work gets finished on time, the entry fee will have been worth it!

Tell me, have you entered craft competitions before?

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  1. First of all my dear friend I am so sorry about the healthcare situation. You know I understand considering the decreasing services and funding available in this country. I worry about Little Buddy and his needs getting met. So far we are okay but recently had to find a new neurologist as the one he has had since birth will no longer accept his insurance.

    Next I am so sorry that the whole stressful mess left you feeling depleted. So much work and worry about a situation that could have easily been handled had the people making these decisions actually talked to those who need the services. How can you make those life altering decisions without all the information?

    Best of luck to you with your show entries. I am so proud of you. That is taking a big step but the things you make are incredible so I just know you will do well. I can't wait to hear all about the show. Now get busy finishing up that project.

    With love,

    1. Hi Meredith,

      It is so frustrating and anxiety-provoking when unwanted change is forced upon us. Often bureauracy seems to fly in the face of common sense as in the example you gave where you needed to find a new neurologist. I do hope your new specialist is kind and understanding as well as expertly qualified.

      My support service has been reinstated but with reduced availability. Other users of the service are continuing the fight to have the full service reinstated. They can carry that torch on my behalf because I've now become preoccupied with a new fight to keep my local train service accessible. Proposed changes involve the removal of my local train station altogether without replacement. This will mean removal of my ability to access public transport independently otherwise I will be reliant on other people to drive me to places, including the next train stations along the line.

      The show has been a nice distraction from all the stress. By now, my work has been judged but I haven't received official word. The train is also my access to the showgrounds where I am keen to see how the work, if any of it, gets displayed in the cabinets and to see the amazing work of other entrants.

      You will be pleased to know that I DID get that last project finished in time. I was shocked to look back on my notes and realise it began in 2015!

      Your stern words motivated me! ("Yes, Mum!")
      I think of you and your battles often and think you do an amazing job.

      Love in return,

  2. Ok, stop blogging and finish those entries! lol. I am sorry you had to spend all your energy on overturning that stupid decision but I am in awe of you that you did it and were successful. I can't wait for you to reveal your secrets. I have entered a contest once. No prizes! lol. But sometimes I think about doing it again. My sister and I joke about having a booth of all the things we have knit and never really wear. I bet we could make a lot of money to buy more yarn!

    1. Mary-Anne, your advice is on the mark! What am I doing blogging when I have so much to do? I can imagine your stern tone (with tongue-half-in-cheek).

      I was totally surprised to have success on overturning an executive decision. The day the fight began, I didn't have much hope. The result has been a big relief.

      What a shame you didn't win anything in the contest you entered. Was it a craft contest or something else? Some people love entering competitions and make quite a hobby (and profit) from it but I wonder about the cost because most promotions want all of your personal data to sell on. That is too big a cost for me!

      All those things you and your sister made: why is it that you never really wear them? That sounds like a good blog topic because if we could solve that problem, we can all get more out of our crochet and knitting, especially garments after all the energy we invest.

      You were joking about making money by selling them to buy more yarn - would you ever unravel them to re-use the yarn on something new?

      The only thing I have frogged has been a pair of socks. If I went to a lot of trouble to make a garment, I think I would be too sentimental to unravel it. It is still a mark of achievement to savour.

      I'm well behind in reading blogs with everything going on around here so please excuse me for a week or so! I'm grateful that you still visit even when the posts are few because I enjoy visiting your blog too.

      I'm relatively well but my skin is driving me mad with itching - naughty immune system - but it is a constant battle as I am sure you can relate. May the good days outnumber the bad.


  3. Well done on overturning the decision and best wishes for the competition. Looking forward to the big reveal. Hope you are well.

    1. Haha Lorraine - the "big" reveal! I don't know that it will be *that* big as some of the projects have been shown here before. The results will be more revealing than the projects.

      Already I am thinking which projects to do next time. It has been fun so far as something to look forward to.

      My health has been up and down. Most of the time it has been plodding through the fatigue fog with the occasional lucid morning and a few days spent in bed, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. The good news is that there was one AMAZING day - something that hasn't happened for months - when my brain was bright enough and the body was well enough and the schedule was clear enough that I could actually get a lot of things done. I must admit that I went a bit crazy trying to madly catch up on all the things that had been waiting for so long. It was hard to pace things because "what if I don't get another day like this again in a long time?" and then the next days require more rest but it is satisfying to have achieved so much.

      How are you going with all of your projects? I hope the weather has been conducive. I haven't been able to pop across to your blog for a while but I will get there. At least the brain is allowing me to reply to your lovely messages first. Thank you so much for always saying hello as it is nice to see you.

      Have fun,
      Jodie x

  4. See you Thursday! I have those two books ready to give you MORE to do!

    1. Hi Cat,

      It was so nice to see you and I hope I didn't keep you talking for too long - I don't want to get you into trouble. Do you remember in school there would always be someone in the class who would do all the talking and everyone else gets in trouble? hehe I don't want to do that to you! I have a story to share with you about that when we meet.

      Thank you so much for those beautiful and amazingly detailed pattern books. I would love to write about them on Lupey Loops if that is okay with you. They are too beautiful.

      I hope you are having a good week and your support and encouragement to enter the RAS is most appreciated. I am very grateful to you for your kindness.

      See you one day soon to return the books and maybe 'debrief' from the show.

      Take it easy and enjoy the show week.
      Jodie xx

  5. I am sorry that you have had a super stressful time recently. Hope that your health issues settle down a little now. I am really delighted to hear that you have entered your crochet into the show! How wonderful!! I look forward to hearing more. Well done!!

    1. Aw, thanks, Tamara. You are a sweetheart. Yes, life is stressful and it affects me but not as stressful as some people's lives, particularly those facing hurricane Harvey. My heart has been with your fellow Texans this week. Many Adelaideans seem to have Texan connections somewhere too.

      I am hoping that you and your loved ones are high and dry, safe and well. The days and weeks following floods can be just as dangerous as the initial event. I hope you don't have too much damage. I notice your blog hop has begun. What a shame that the hurricane might upset the celebration.

      Take care, you are in my prayers,

      Jodie xx