Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A Quickie!

G'day! G'day!

It's about time I popped my head in here! 
Gee, has it been busy for me lately. Phew!
Where does the time go? 

I was lamenting to an acquaintance yesterday that nap time,* takes a significant chunk out of the available hours to get things done. Unfortunately, that person didn't know me very well or appreciate the necessity of rest for my 'lupey' survival so I wasn't met with much sympathy!

Even if you don't see much happening online at Lupey Loops right now, there has been much happening behind the scenes:

  • Putting together some pictures from the Beanies to Berets Exhibition in case you missed it
  • Entering four items into the Royal Adelaide Show
    (which I hope to visit tomorrow)
  • Making prototypes with broomstick crochet
  • Working on items for Gallery M
  • Treating myself to some crochet magazines
    (Happy Birthday)
  • Enjoying the detail of a friend's Japanese amigurumi books, so kindly loaned to me
  • Refreshing my basic Japanese
  • Receiving yarn (orders and gifts)
  • Updating the Ravelry notebook
  • Keeping an eye on plans for Maker Faire Adelaide 2017
  • Trying to read blogs too when time permits

Magazines and books fanned across a brown wicker surface: (Left to right): Interweave Crochet Summer 2017, instruction booklet for Royal Adelaide Show exhibitors (apples on the cover),Crochet Now Issue 15 plus Hairpin Lace supplement and loom, Japanese crochet pattern books for miniature embroidery thread and lacework flower motifs.
Plenty to read

Then there are the non-crafty elements of life:
  • Gardening. It's still cold but spring is around the corner. 
  • Appointments, meetings.
  • Correspondence on a range of issues
    (household, education, health & community)
  • Tickets to the footy finals! Go Crows!

 … all in addition to the regular whirlwind of family life  …

 … and naps, of course!

* Fatigue
MCTD fatigue is not mere tiredness, no!  This fatigue will grab you and smother you, knocking you unconscious for its own predetermined time, until it is ready to loosen its grip. 
"There is no resistance."

A close up of an open violet flower. It has five petals 2 above and three below the centre of the flower. The centre is white with yellow stamens. A smaller closed drooping violet is below the open one. Green foliage creeps along the ground. The ground is covered in brown bark and leaf litter.
In the garden:
native violets have been flowering all winter
and their perfume is divine!
They are a food plant for butterfly larvae.

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Adelaide Football Club: http://www.afc.com.au/

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  1. Happy Birthday my friend! Sounds like you are busy busy! Well done on getting those four entries into the show! I purchased my first Japanese crochet book in the summer - Google translate was quite helpful. You scan the characters and it will try to translate. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Tamara,
      I am having a great week so far. I've made use of Google Translate before, mainly to find the kanji from the hiregana or romaji; I didn't know you could scan the characters. You have given me another thing to investigate! We never stop learning.

      I hope you are safe and surviving. My thoughts are with everyone in the USA this month. You guys are going through the wringer. xxx

  2. Or as the Borg say on Star Trek "Resistance is futile" I am glad you are taking naps as needed! Happy Birthday and I love that you bought yourself some magazines as a gift. My birthday is coming up and I am hinting for a Swift to wind my yarn and if hubby doesn't get the hint then I will buy myself a present! Learning Japanese? You are full of surprises. You sound busy and happy and that makes me happy too.

    1. You are full of surprises too, Mary-Anne, with your quote from Star Trek! I have a bunch of trekkies around me. I used to enjoy ST and ST:TNG but, after someone hosted a week-long Star Trek Marathon at my place (maybe it was 2-3 weeks because it sure felt like it), I have suffered from Star Trek Overload. That was in the days when there was only one television and video player in the house thus no other programming at the time.

      I hope you have a happy birthday and your hubby hears your hint loud and clear! My family don't know much about yarncrafting so they leave the yarn shopping to me. A swift is such a practical gift - I have one on my list as well. One day!

      My Japanese is VERY basic - enough to decipher charts but it is fascinating to learn the grammatical structures of other languages. It broadens the mind by showing how ideas about the world can be organised in different ways. It highlights the notion that the loss of a language often means the loss of a culture.

      Many languages and dialects around the world are at risk of disappearing, especially indigenous languages. There is a concerted effort in Australia to record, retain and revive many Australian Indigenous languages. Many of them have only a handful of native speakers left. There are other parts of Australia where numerous indigenous languages are the main language spoken and English comes third, fourth or fifth down the chain.

      Yes, I have been happy and busy, happy to be *able* to be busy! May it be the same for you too, Mary-Anne. Have a happy birthday! xx

  3. You are the best, look at how much you are getting done. Good luck with all your projects and your naps too.

    1. Thanks, Meredith. A lot on the list, not getting done as quickly as I would like but it is in a happy way. I enjoy being busy. I hope your 'busy' is more enjoyable than stressful. May you be able to catch a nap when you need one! xx

  4. Belated Birthday wishes. It seems like you are getting a whole host of things done. Good luck with your projects and take care of yourself.

    1. Thank you, Lorraine! Perhaps *seems* is the operative word. I have been working on all of those things but not getting much finished so not feeling the sense of achievement quite yet. How about you and your projects?

  5. How did you go at the Show??

    1. Very well, Michelle! I am eager to share all the news asap but life has been very hectic at the moment with few blogging opportunities but I hope to have the photos etc. organised within the next week.