Saturday, 30 September 2017

A Crows Yarn

It's Grand Final day in the AFL world.
(Australian Football League)

My team, the Adelaide Crows are playing.
I have found the perfect yarn!

5 bullet skeins

Shepherd Colour 4 Me Twist
has a twist of all three Crows colours
so I NEEDED to buy it!

It's 100% merino 12 ply
45 metres per 50 grams

I'm not sure what I will use it for yet, 
but you need to grab these things when you see them.

The city of Adelaide has a major shortage of ribbon, fabric or anything that's red, yellow or blue!

We're all set to celebrate. 


Four hours later and we know the result ...

The footy gods were against us with a resounding win to the Richmond Tigers:

Richmond  16.12 (108)
Adelaide  8.12 (60)

It was extremely disappointing since the Crows had spent most of the season undefeated at the top of the Premiership table.  

It was always going to be a bittersweet final whoever won: both teams had suffered serious hardships and faced adversity along the road to the finals; both teams would have been deserving winners of the Premiership Cup.  I would have felt mixed emotions regardless of the outcome.   

As disappointing as the outcome is for Crows supporters, I must say, "Congratulations to the Tigers." They were the better team on the day and one could see they had done their homework.

Crows fans and followers are at a loss as to how it could happen. 
I am also at a loss as to what else I can do with this yarn.

I have previously used it as a hat band and also as a luggage tag to identify my suitcase on the airport carousel.

After today's Grand Final loss, new project ideas come to mind. Perhaps it would make a good noose?  (Only joking!)

Seriously, it might be nice for a scarf, or to contrast or embellish something made of solid colours.

A few test rounds with colour no. 0004 of Colour 4 Me Twist

Have you ever used a multicoloured yarn with this much contrast between each ply?

How would you use this type of yarn?


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  1. Sorry about the loss, but on the upside great yarn. A hat? it would make a great hat.

    1. Yes, you are right. After reviewing that test round, I can certainly see a hat. Maybe an earflap one for chilly football evenings.

      Thank you for your condolences. My 'other' team lost as well in the National Rugby Leage (NRL) Grand Final also. My Queensland family go for the North Queensland Cowboys who were playing the Melbourne Storm so I decided to follow the Cowboys for the game. They went in as the underdogs but they were slaughtered! Not a good weekend in the footy stakes at all but hey, I still have my crochet!

      Yesterday I went down to Adelaide Oval to welcome the Crows boys back home and it was relaxing to lay on the Adelaide Oval turf on a picnic rug under a blue sky with my crochet in hand until the boys arrived. It is not often that one gets the privilege to be on the ground at Adelaide Oval so that was a novel experience.

  2. Sorry to hear your team didn't win. I'd pair that variegated yarn with a solid to make granny squares for a scarf or cushion.

    1. Yes, it's a shame for the team. They invest their whole lives into their job so they were devastated to miss out on the big prize after playing so well all season. We all have our ups and downs, good and bad days. All teams have losses eventually but it was so sad that the loss came at the Grand Final. I think it was the Chairman of the club who said, "It was a bad day to have a bad day."

      That's alright - they are human, not robots - we all have our bad days and regardless of the final score, I am still very proud of their amazing effort and achievement this year. To get to the Grand Final is an achievement in itself.

      They looked so forlorn when they got back, I just wanted to go up and give them all a hug! They are only young men in their 20s carrying a huge responsibility and they manage it so well. They still are "The Pride of South Australia".