Saturday, 9 September 2017

Poppy-tunities to Participate

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Lupey Loops has received plenty of new visitors recently.  

Lots of people have been looking at the blog entries about poppy patterns. As you know, the past few years have seen various activities marking the Centenary of World War I and as these activities come to a close, there has been a last-minute flurry of poppy-making everywhere!

This year, the Australian War Memorial will commemorate the end of World War I on Remembrance Day and the 5000 Poppies group hope to provide a special display of handmade poppies with contributions welcome from handcrafters all over, especially from knitters & crocheters. The idea is to have one poppy to represent each Australian life lost in the war—that is over 60,000 poppies!

You will find information about the project on the 5000 Poppies Facebook page and numerous articles from other media sources, listed in the references below.

I had to laugh at an article by the Huffington Post because the opening tag-line of the article said, "Pick up those knitting needles" and then it proceeded to show everyone how to crochet instead of knit!  How funny! It published four videos demonstrating the method of making a crocheted poppy:

The article links to videos by Lynn Berry of 5,000 poppies, The Crochet Crowd, Karen Bestwick and The Corner of Craft.

If you are looking for more poppy patterns, the 5000 Poppies group have updated their website with four more crochet and knitting patterns:

Alternatively, see the list of poppy patterns collated on Lupey Loops in the list of related posts below. The blog entry "Poppies Shaping Up" gives tips on the best finish for your poppies.

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  1. That's cool that people are looking at your old blog posts for inspiration. I received a comment this week on one of my old posts on the Hill Country Yarn Crawl helpfully reminding me to write about that - it's next month!! Hope all goes well with you and yours.

    1. It is cool, Tamara, and likewise for you and your blog. I am so impressed with your blogging activities lately with blog-hops and now another "Yarn Crawl" - aren't they two words that sound good together? ;-) I went and purchased some yarn this week - I couldn't resist a sale price on yarn that had been on the wish list for some time. Call me a weakling, if you like!
      Good luck with your yarn crawl and have fun. I look forward to seeing your haul!
      P.S. also glad to know that you are safe and sound after all the crazy weather events. xx

  2. This year I am going to knit a poppy for our Remembrance Day of November 11. I got the pattern from an aussie blogging friend a year or so ago. I laughed at the part about the knitting needles and then the crocheted products. I love seeing that mistake in movies and tv shows.

    1. Poppies are nice little projects - small, quick, as simple or complex as you like with so many patterns from which to choose and most of all, meaningful for so many.

      Which pattern will you use? Can you remember the name? Remember to block it nicely! hehehe ;-) xxx