Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Royal Adelaide Show Results 2017

Here are my entries for the 2017 Royal Adelaide Show:

A collage of four separate photographs. The mini backpack is being worn against a black shirt, the broomstick lace scarf is folded showing the green and gold fringe. A green cutting mat is in the background. An excerpt of the tea towel top photo which appears later in the blog entry; and the silk mohair scarf hanging on a coathander as if it were around someone's neck with the floral fringe hanging down.
(From left:) Mini Backpack, "Love My Green & Gold" broomstick lace rainbow scarf, "Wine Grapes" tea towel top and "Fantasy Floral" silk mohair scarf.

Here are my results:

Four projects hanging on a white clothes airer with a white drop sheet behind. Ribbons are draped over their respective projects.
(From left to right):
Floral" silk mohair scarf (my design): Commendation
Mini backpack: Fourth Prize
"Wine Grapes" tea towel top (my design): no prize but displayed in cabinet
"Love my Green & Gold" broomstick lace scarf: First Prize!

It is an absolute thrill that three out of four items won ribbons, especially since this was my first time ever entering crochet into any sort of competition. 

It has taken so long to share this news because of photographs.
I do apologise for the delay
and say thank you for waiting so patiently.  A friend took photos at the show for me so I was waiting on those plus life in general made it difficult to sit down and sort them out. 

This month has seen many days that might as well have been wiped off my calendar due to fatigue and illness. When my energy and lucidity return,  life becomes a game of 'catch-up' to get the household etc. back in order and to attend to family commitments. These take priority over crafting and blogging.

Now I have plenty of pictures to share, with links to more information about each project in case you missed the details in earlier blog entries.

The top of the Wine Grapes tea towel which has popcorn stitches arranged to resemble bunches of grapes.
"Wine Grapes" tea towel top
Class 439–Creative Crochet

The tea towel top and silk-mohair scarf were self-designed so they were entered into Class 439–Creative Crochet: any original article, designed and made exclusively by the exhibitor. A short note stating theme or inspiration can be included with the exhibit for the judges' information. 

Both of these items were accompanied by a small card upon which I printed the technical details and the reasoning behind my design decisions.

The technical details of the tea towel top are listed in the blog entry, "Delayed Decisions and Finished at Last!" (September 2017)

The purple, pink and orange, wavy-striped silk mohair scarf is laid flat with a light blue ribbon laid across it "2017 Royal Adelaide Show *Commended*" and the Royal Agricultural Society's coat of arms. The exhibitor card and a card with the technical details are also attached on the left hand side.
"Fantasy Floral" silk mohair scarf
Class 439–Creative Crochet
Technical details:

The "Fantasy Floral" silk mohair scarf was designed to highlight crochet’s strengths; e.g. long rows and different stitch heights. (Compare knitting where the length of the needle can limit the number of stitches per row.)

A reversible wavy stripe pattern is created with stitches of varying heights while adjusting the tension of each stitch to create a smoother wave shape. 

Thin ends of wavy stripes continue past the edge of the scarf and terminate with floral motifs to create a ‘floral fringe’ trim.

The fringe chains gradually become finer until they match the scale of the floral motifs; done by adjusting the hook size.

The ‘floral fringe’ elements are different lengths to ‘interlock’ when worn, without obscuring the floral motifs, to create a ‘ruffled bouquet’ effect.

Yarn selection:  60% mohair 40% silk 2 ply (lace weight) yarn offers the softness of fine mohair with the strength, sheen and colour depth of silk.
The ‘halo’ of mohair allows an open design for efficient use of yarn; provides warmth without bulk (perfect for travel or to post as a gift).
The natural fibres are environmentally friendly  and ‘breathe’ so the scarf’s temperature is always ‘just right’.

A striped, rectangular drawstring bag is laid flat next to a yellow ribbon "2017 Royal Adelaide show *Fourth Prize*" with the Royal Agricultural Society's coat of arms. The exhibitor card is attached to the top of the ribbon.
Mini Backpack
Pattern: "WIP Project Bag" by Janet Brani
Class 441–Crochet, any article, not included elsewhere

The Mini Backpack uses a variation of a standard double crochet (Aus/UK) stitch (US: sc). It has been named  'split stitch' because the stitches are worked straight through the middle of those below, 'splitting' the stitches of the previous row. It removes some of the bias normally found in regular double crocheted fabric and gives a squarer pattern which is perfect for a square-shaped bag.

This item was entered into Class 441–Crochet: any article, not included elsewhere because there were no categories listed for bags or small accessories etc. and there was no category for the unusual stitch technique.  (Often there are categories for techniques like cables, lace etc.)

I was worried that the 'split stitch' technique might be misinterpreted as a double crochet error by the Judges and disqualified as 'wrong' instead of being recognised as something done on purpose. The stitch is unusual and I wondered what the Royal Adelaide Show Judges would make of it.

Everyone who has ever seen the bag comments on how they have never seen that type of stitch before.  'Split stitch' fabric can give the illusion of a knitted fabric and it has puzzled people. I hoped the Judges would appreciate it for its special qualities and the combination of crafts involved in the finished item; e.g. sewing beads, installing a lining and French knitting the straps. 

The broomstick lace rainbow scarf is laid flat against a white background with the fringed ends pointing down. the centre of the scarf is draped at right angles to the ends. A blue ribbon is laid diagonally across the scarf. The writing on the ribbon is in yellow "2017 Royal Adelaide Show *First Prize*" with the Royal Agricultural Society's coat of arms.
"Love My Green & Gold" broomstick lace scarf
Inspired by a Lola Lovegrove broomstick lace workshop
441–Crochet, any article, not included elsewhere

This broomstick lace scarf was originally created for Gallery M. I am very careful to offer my best work when making it for others.

Part of my quality control routine is to thoroughly inspect every piece at regular intervals during construction and again as part of the finishing routine. I look for problems like loose ends, inconsistencies or other imperfections etc.  so they can be rectified before delivery.

At the risk of sounding conceited, when it came to checking the "Love My Green & Gold" scarf, I struggled to find anything that needed improving!  I was so impressed with myself, I couldn't let the scarf go straightaway. I decided to hang onto it a little bit longer, to keep it for the show "to see how it goes" and then my best work could be delivered to the Gallery afterwards.  
That was the plan. 
The broomstick lace rainbow scarf is hanging on a wooden coathanger against a wooden trellis.
"Love My Green & Gold"

There were no categories listed in the show handbook specifically for 'scarves' or for 'broomstick lace' so this one was also entered into  Class 441–Crochet: any article, not included elsewhere.

So many people had been encouraging me to enter my work into the Royal Adelaide Show for years and I was reluctant but Cat from the blog, Catdownunder, finally convinced me.  

Cat and I first became acquainted at a local craft event. We share a love of learning, a love of fine yarns and an appreciation of all things hand made. 

This year, Cat was volunteering as a Steward at the Royal Adelaide Show. She assured me that all the exhibits would be handled with care. It set my heart at ease when her warm smile greeted me as I delivered my entries to the showgrounds.

The crochet competitions were judged before the Royal Adelaide Show opened to the public.  I would not discover the results until I visited the show with the rest of Adelaide (or collected my entries after the show had closed). 

I did not get to visit until later in the week and in the meantime various friends (who had attended earlier) were sending me positive messages about  my work. I dared not trust hearsay, no matter how reliable the source, until I had confirmed it for myself.  I didn't want to get all excited only to be disappointed due to mistaken identity etc.

Meanwhile, Cat had been sharing her "behind-the-scenes-at-the-show from a Steward's point of view" on her blog. When she mentioned "a lovely scarf of broomstick crochet,"  I wondered whether that was mine or perhaps someone else's. The question was more exciting than the answer and I discovered the true fun of the show for me: the anticipation–like waiting for a raffle draw.

I would never have guessed that a first-timer like me could do so well. It was a lovely surprise to eventually get to the show and discover the results with my own eyes.

I have more photos to share of the work being displayed at the show plus a story about the things I learned as a first-time exhibitor but they are for later because this current blog entry is long enough.

There are still more photos from the Beanies to Berets Exhibition to share as well–I haven't forgotten!  

Lupey Loops is moving slowly at the moment but where there is movement, there's hope! (That's my slogan right now and I'm sticking to it!)

It's been a busy time with lots to blog about, just not enough time and energy to publish. Often my blogging ideas are written in my head and the delay is the physical sitting down and publishing.

I've been thinking of all my friends lately, those I've met in real life and those met in the blogosphere.  

Just because I haven't been in touch lately, doesn't mean I am not thinking of you!

Does your life go through crazy periods like that where there is too much to do and not enough time to do it?

What barriers do you come up against
when trying to get things done?

What kinds of crafty exhibitions occur in your district?
Would you enter your work to be judged?


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Brani, Janet, "WIP Project Bag", crochet pattern, Crochet One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects from Crocheters Around the World, Durant & Eckman, Storey Publishing, USA, 2013.

Lola Lovegrove: http://lolalovegrove.com.au

Royal Adelaide Show: http://theshow.com.au/ 

Four exhibitor cards are fanned out on a black background.
Royal Adelaide Show exhibitor cards.
The arrival of these gave rise to thoughts:
This is really happening now–I had better get that project finished!
I can certainly recommend this as a great motivator to sort out the WIPs.


  1. Congratulations Jodie!!!! I’m so glad you entered, and what wonderful results!!

    1. Thank you Michelle! It wouldn't have happened without your encouragement. Your positive experiences with the Sydney Royal Easter Show helped a lot. Congratulations on your achievements so far - what an amazing year you are having!

  2. Oh, WAY TO GO Jodie!!! I am thrilled to bits for you! SO glad you took the step to enter. A good friend of mine is a mad crochet maven and has just started entering her work in the Royal Easter Show in Sydney - I can't remember now where she came, but I know she got ribbons. I'll share this with her.

    1. Thanks, Kaz. It would be cool to have a friendly network of crochet ribbon winners. Does your friend share her work online? I'd love to have a look.

    2. Hi Jodie. I think I'm the friend.....

      Have a highly commended year before last in the crochet afghan section at the Sydney Royal. Love my piece ... Will enter again next year if I can get my act together and figure out something to enter (and complete it). Am currently crocheting an afghan for a friend and then back to my hygge and my mini granny squares blanket. Congratulations on your wins. It's very addictive.

    3. Hi Lesley, Thanks for introducing yourself to me and congratulations on your award! Was it your first time entering a show this year? I had a look at your projects on Ravelry and love your colour choices. I think crochet is addictive full stop! :-)
      Good luck with all of your projects; it's nice to meet you. :-)

  3. Wow, such beautiful makes and rewarded with a ribbon. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you, Lorraine!
      By the way, did you cop much of Storm Ophelia's force? I get the impression that your new home is in a fairly exposed position. I hope you survived without too much damage. It would be a shame to have all the work you have done on the property become undone. Hardly the same as frogging a crochet project! Take care

  4. Well done Jodie! Fantastic results! It was so worth the effort. I love all your entries. I've never come across split stitch before and I love the effect that those stitches of different lengths make. Must try both of these! I bet others were inspired too by your entries!

    1. Thanks Tamara! The feeling is mutual when it comes to inspiration.

      The lovely thing about the Royal show is viewing the amazing crochet and crafting talents up close: fabulous work and new things to learn. It is such an honour to have my work in the same company.

      I am also inspired by all the things you are doing in your crafting life - teaching, learning, experimenting, creating and networking in your own crafting community. Your enthusiasm is infectious and a motivator - my list of new projects to try and books to read grows after each visit to your blog.

      If you are looking for more inspiration, make sure you visit again once I have posted more photos from this year's actual display - literally a showcase. I hope your blog-hop and garment crochet along are going well. Your pictures look good so far. Have fun! :-) x

  5. Congratulations, those are fantastic results. I've thought about entering work in the nearest show but haven't been organised enough so far. Well done Jodie. Hx

    1. Thank you, Helen! I hope you do get a chance to enter something. For me, it was interesting to get feedback but also lots of fun to go to the show and meet other people who also appreciate hand making in general and crochet in particular.

  6. Well done my friend. I am just so thrilled for you! Your work is so beautiful, it is flawless. I am just so happy that you had such wonderful success.

    1. Thank you for your kind compliments, Meredith.
      While it might look flawless, it is hardly perfect but it is my best effort. Perfect imperfection perhaps? That is what I find the most charming about hand made items anyway - those little imperfections that add interest and personality - that human touch. I'm glad the judges appreciated them too! :-) xx

  7. I'm so happy for you! What an honor! Very well done, Jodie.

    1. It is indeed an honour. I'm still amazed. Thank you for celebrating with me! xx

  8. Well done you! All your projects are gorgeous and deserve all the accolades.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks! :-) The world is full of surprises.