Saturday, 28 October 2017

Volunteering at Maker Faire Adelaide 2017

… it's coming …

it's nearly time …

for this year's

Maker Faire Adelaide! 

Coloured photo postcard: Centre white box of text surrounded by 6 photos of Maker Faire activities. Each photo is separated by a blue band.  Text: Maker Faire Adelaide Sunday November 5, 2017. Photos: (top left) a man with a brimmed hat, dark jacket and red-brown beard examines a model of miniature scenery; (top centre) A child 's smiling face wearing clear safety glasses; (top right) a man with black hair and black shirt smiling next to a piece of silver and white technology which could be a robot; (bottom left) faces of two smiling children between two daleks; (bottom centre) a young child with red hair and red/black top is hammering a nail; (bottom right) a woman with black hair, wearing a brown brimmed cloche-style hat and patterned vestis looking at a millinery exhibit. Hats are on the countertop and on raised stands.
Postcard for Maker Faire Adelaide on Sunday November 5, 2017

Last year's Maker Faire was so much fun.
I got to meet lots of lovely people and answer lots of questions about crochet. 

I plan to do the same this year except I expect to be answering questions about all sorts of other things as well because, instead of exhibiting this year, I will be volunteering instead. 

I'm looking forward to donning the red 'CREW' T-shirt to welcome and guide visitors, provide assistance to exhibitors or maybe help behind-the-scenes.  I'm not sure what my role will be yet.

The back of the Maker Faire postcard. Mascot 'Sam' the robot is in the bottom left corner holding up a paintbrush daubed with red paint. Top left corner has the heading "Adelaide Maker Faire";. Next to the heading is the following black text on a white background quoted in the body of the blog entry. Maker Faire Adelaide's web site address is in bold red letters in the centre. From the heading, a curve bordered by two blue bands sweeps down towards the bottom of the card and then up again towards the right edge. Some of the words within the blue section are: Science, Arduino, Digital A.., Drones, Hatter, Robots, ..tonomous Boats, Japanese Armour, Tinsmith, Computing, Lego Building, Experiments, 3D.., Jewellery Design, Hologram..words fade into a screen of pale blue onto which the followoing details are printed: South Australian Makers logo,, Sunday November 5, 2017 10am-4pm Tonsley; Email:; Twitter: @MakerFaireADL; Facebook: MakerFaireADL; A box on the bottom right says "WINNER Community Event of the Year 2016/17 - City of Marion (logo), Australia Day Celebrate what's great (logo)"
Reverse side of postcard for Maker Faire Adelaide 2017
If you are having trouble reading it, the details are printed in  a previous blog entry:
"Save the Date: Maker Faire Adelaide 2017"

As the card says, Maker Faire Adelaide 2017 will be:

Sunday, November 5, 2017
10:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m
Tonsley Main Assembly Building (MAB)

Getting There
There will be ample parking around the back of the complex. The best way to come will be from the western side (Alawoona Avenue).  If you arrive on the eastern side, do trust the volunteer guides when they tell you to follow the road around to the west!  

Believe me, the pedestrian access from the western car park is just as easy (if not easier) than from the eastern side.  If you cannot park close to the building and have difficulty walking the distance, there will be little golf buggies about the site ready to take you to the main entrance or back to your vehicle.

Last year, the train service was running.  The Tonsley branch line does not normally run on weekends (shame, AdelaideMetro, shame!) but last year, special train services were provided for the Faire. Unfortunately there will not be a train service this year, as far as I know.  I am extremely disappointed about that.

What to Expect
Since last year's Maker Faire, some of the space in the MAB has been built upon. Gradually this future Innovation District is filling up as tenants move in.  

Therefore, this year's Maker Faire layout will be slightly different to last year's.  I like that it won't be the same every year. It keeps it interesting and fresh along with the changes in the mix of exhibitors.  

Come along and have a look at what is happening in the Tonsley precinct and meet all the friendly makers who love to share their passion with you.

It's basically the biggest "Show and Tell" 
you have ever seen!


Maker Fair Adelaide, South Australian Makers Incorporated, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia: 

Tonsley Redevelopment, Renewal SA: 

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  1. Sounds exciting for you, I hope you have a wonderful time :)

    1. Me too! I'm sure I will have a wonderful time if previous Maker Faires are anything to go by. :-)

  2. Bo train service means no can come...I might not have managed it anyway but this will certainly put a halt to it. Have fun!

    1. That is such a shame. I will let the Maker Faire organisers know that the train service was the deciding factor on whether you could come or not. The Maker Faire organisers are very mindful of environmental issues and sustainability. They do appreciate the importance of a good public transport system and encourage people to use public transport to attend the fair but it doesn't help when the transport department doesn't come to the party. It would have been fun to see you there and show you around.

  3. So exciting. We have a makers faire coming up here next month too. I hope there is more knitting/crocheting crafts than last time I went. Hmmmmmm.....maybe I should look into volunteering (and bringing my knitting or spinning wheel with me!)

    1. That's so cool that there will be a Maker Faire near you! :-O
      We can compare notes.

      Why don't you volunteer? Your teaching skills would be handy. When I was first invited to bring crochet, I was hesitant about the physical demand but was advised that all I had to do was sit and crochet so people can watch me doing it. The lady who advised me was spinning and didn't have a fancy display at all. The value was being available to talk to people and share the skill. Your spinning wheel would be a great attention grabber. Swapping between knitting and spinning is better for your body.

      The thought of you also volunteering excites me as much as volunteering for myself. I am rostered in the morning (when my energy is best) but I don't know what I will be doing yet. Please let us know if you do go ahead and volunteer. Have fun!

  4. How exciting for you, hope you have a wonderful time and indeed experience.

    1. I'm getting excited because I haven't volunteered as 'Crew' before. It's always fun to try new things.

  5. Very fun! I hope you have a wonderful time volunteering.

    1. I'm sure I will have a great time. I'm rostered on for Sunday morning which leaves the afternoon free to look around but, depending on how well I'm going and what's required, I may carry on into the afternoon. I'm looking forward to catching up with other 'maker' friends. I think I've found my tribe.