Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Goodie Bag Winners!

We just had a long weekend in South Australia 
with a public holiday Monday for Adelaide Cup Day. 

The Adelaide Cup is a horse race. While the punters were having a flutter at the races, I decided that Adelaide Cup Day would be a good day for a  flutter or mini-sweep of our own by drawing the winners of Lupey Loops' very first giveaway.

I know my blog has been quiet lately but didn't expect it to be this quiet for a giveaway.  There were only two entrants for the two goodie bags but that's okay.  I would rather prizes go to those who truly want them. This way, no one misses out. Yay!

The lucky winners are:




Tour Down Under souvenir hat
If you would like to see video of the draw, it will be posted soon to my Instagram feed (because I can't remember how to embed video in a blog post).  Here's how the draw was done:

Step 1 - find a hat! 

  • The blue Tour Down Under hat is perfect, don't you agree? 

Aritha = 1 of bamboo depicting a sparrow.
Amalia = 2 of bamboo depicting 2 sticks.

Step 2 - which entrant?

  • Allocate a number to each entrant according to the order in which their comments were received:
1. Aritha
2. Amalia
  • Use Mah Jong tiles to represent each entrant in the hat.  Number 1 of the bamboo suit has a picture of a sparrow on a branch.  Number 2 of bamboo has 2 bamboo stick symbols.  
  • Place four of each tile into the hat.

Paper squares
Step 3 - which bag?

  • Cut up some orange and yellow paper squares to represent each goodie bag.  
  • Place an orange and yellow sheet of paper together while cutting to make squares of the same size in each colour.  Once cut, I realised that small paper squares would be hard to shake and separate and harder to find in a hat. 
Paper squares scrunched up
  • Scrunch up the squares so they are bouncy and easy to pick up. I tried my best to scrunch them all to the same degree so that they are all the same size.
  • Place scrunched paper tokens into the hat.  There were eight of each colour.

Everything ready for the draw to begin.

Step 4 - the draw!

  • Raise the hat above one's head.
  • Shake the hat to mix the contents.
  • Find a Mah Jong tile to see who the first winner will be - it was No. 1 (Aritha).
  • Find a paper token to see what Aritha has won - the orange goodie bag!
  • This means that Amalia wins the yellow bag!

Congratulations Aritha and Amalia!

Your souvenirs will be in the post soon.

Aritha's bag
Amalia's bag

Do you like to 'have a flutter', a bet on the races or a lottery ticket? 
Do you enter many competitions? 
Have you ever won?


Handmade by Amalia, blog: http://handmadebyamalia.blogspot.com/

Instagram - Jodiebodiecrochets: https://www.instagram.com/jodiebodiecrochets/

Moments Frozen in Time, blog: http://momentsfrozentime.blogspot.com/

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  1. Sorry I missed the giveaway sadly I have been busy and struggling to catch up. Hope you are well, take care.

  2. I totally understand Lorraine. Sometimes I feel like my entire life is a perpetual struggle to catch up! All we can do is to keep chipping away. We'll get there eventually. Just don't overdo things (easier said than done says yours truly guiltily).

    Sorry you missed the giveaway. Not to worry - there may be another sometime this year. What sorts of things would you like to see on a prize list?

    My health has been swinging like a pendulum but fortunately not swinging too far from centre. May you and your DH be as well as can be with fewer hospital appointments. Take care of yourselves too! x

  3. O, I have received the bag in a hard time (after my Fathers dead) but I will write about it in the month of July :-) Thank you also for the fig and pomegranate paste. So mmmmjammie.

    1. Hi Aritha,
      I am so sorry to learn of the loss of your father. I hope the sweet treat brought a touch of comfort to you. Many gentle hugs and kindness. My heart goes out to you. xx