Thursday, 11 April 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week April 22-28

I am deciding whether to participate in Eskimimi's 4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.
Thanks to Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence for spreading the news about this event.

It makes sense to give it a go because one of the reasons I started Lupey Loops was to learn about blogging, and the original intent of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week was "a week in which inspiration for new and interesting blog posts and ways of blogging could be shared by the fibre arts and blogging community to find new ideas and ways of keeping blogging fresh and interesting."

Find out more at Eskimimi's post of  30 March 2013 "Knitting & Crochet Blog Week":

Each day for seven days, the challenge will be to post a blog entry about prescribed topics which are explained in Eskimimi's post of 4 April 2013 "Post Topics":

Also, each day for seven days, I get to read other bloggers' ideas based around the same topics.

My main concern is commitment. Sometimes I struggle to get a blog entry published once a fortnight so how will I find the time and energy to do justice to the task of writing an entry on a prescribed topic every single day (even if only for a week)?

Aha. This week falls within the April school holidays. This can go either of two ways: either I can use the time saved by not doing school runs to do some blogging, or there will be so many interruptions from having the children at home all day every day that I will have less time for blogging and will want to spend more time enjoying my children's company.

So what is your opinion?  Have a look at the prescribed topics to be found in the aforementioned links and tell me whether my responses might be of interest...or not.

I will tell you now that I am rather luke-warm about the topics - in general they don't jump out and  excite me (except "a tool to covet" which could raise some eyebrows in the wrong context!) -  and the main interest for me currently is the process rather than the content. 

Yarnbombing was a little the same. Once I had decided to participate, I found a renewed interest in the activity and discovered some lovely "side effects" such as new learning, new friends and fun. Sometimes we cannot know our true feelings about something until we experience it for ourselves.

Shall I maintain my adventurous spirit that likes to bite off more than it can chew and chew like mad?
Should I be thankful for my current achievements so far and leave well enough alone? Perhaps it is something for next year's calendar since I already have enough to do, but then nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Come on, tell me what you think as an active reader of Lupey Loops, especially if you also like to blog about crochet (and knitting) and if you too might be one of the participants. 

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  1. This could be the opportunity for you to discover a minimalist approach to blogging. :)
    By this I mean - not all posts have to be long and detailed. The best posts are often those that make a single short succinct point and highlight it with a picture or diagram.
    Practice short and concise, this would be my advice.(although I do concede that sometimes the shorter posts take more time to plan, edit and perfect than the longer posts where we get everything off our chests.)
    Well that's my 2 cents worth

    1. Very good, sane advice, Adrienne. I have not been happy with a couple of my Fab Four posts probably being too long, but then I had details to give for those who want details.

      Your suggestion has given me a framework in which to challenge myself.

  2. I'm getting the sense that deep, down you're keen to do it. So what if you don't fulfil the quota in the end because of interruptions - at least you gave it a go! Go on, you know you want to...

    1. I'm keen to learn by challenging myself. I'm not keen to add to my list of things to do. When I do things, I aim to do them whole heartedly.

      Neither of you answered my question about whether you are interested in reading responses to those prescribed topics...