Sunday, 28 April 2013

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 7 Looking Forward #4KCBWDAY7

Looking Forward

One year from now, I hope to have shortened my “queue” of projects to complete and to have saved some money by working from the existing yarn “stash”.
Every year so far, I have set some goals. One year from now I want to have the freedom to explore my crochet more spontaneously, to take up unexpected opportunities as they arise, without any preconceived targets. 
Somehow I suspect it will require just as much discipline, if not more, than it does to complete set goals.


  1. Yes that shorter queue and using stash are great goals!

  2. I commented on a another psot with this thought - a separate master list, never-ending and idealistic, and then a ever channgin top 10 list from the master list...that way I won't have ideas disappearing...

    1. What sorts of projects are on your Top 10 Stel?

  3. Yes, that ever changing list. It is interesting to learn about different ways of managing and using "The Queue".