Thursday, 25 April 2013

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 4 Colour Review #4KCBWDAY4

Colour Review

My favourite colours at the moment are deep, rich colours; purples and pinks, deep rainforest greens and light, calming, spring greens, sunny, happy, golden yellows and oranges, earthy ochre oranges and browns, burgundy plums and dark sherry reds, natural, sandy, "beachy" neutrals and pale blues and turquoise. My inspiration is from nature.
One would expect the pie chart above to reflect those preferences.
Interestingly, my favourite colour choices are not precisely reflected by the pie chart above which illustrates the colours which have been used in my crochet projects to date.  White is the clear winner but probably because it is often paired with other colours. 

Once it became common knowledge that I liked to crochet, I found myself on the receiving end of donations of all sorts of yarns, some of which were useful for planned projects and others suitable for passing on to other local crafters and groups and schools etc. That is another reason for using all sorts of colours other than my absolute favourites.

The real key to the discrepancy though is the following analysis of my projects:

Almost one fifth (19%) of my projects are my own design from scratch or my own modifications of patterns, approximately one tenth (9%) are projects specifically requested by friends and family, while the majority of my crochet time is spent on gifts and donations for others! 
That explains a lot - why I never seem to have enough time for making things for myself and why I seem to use so many colours that are other people's favourites and not necessarily my own.
The other hidden information in this statistic  (72% of projects were gifts) is the amount of joy and satisfaction received from gift-giving which makes me an extremely happy crochet girl!


  1. I am really enjoying this topic. It has certainly got me thinking...I wonder how mine would look?

  2. I was thinking the same thing as knitnrun4sanity. I think I mostly knit for other people but the pile of scarves on my shelf may say otherwise.

  3. Interesting, and combining your colours with the infographic. I also have very specific favourite colours, but don't always use them in my crochet...cause I give most of my work away - so have to keep in mind the receiver's taste.

  4. We knitters and crocheters are a generous bunch aren't we? I am wondering how knitnrun4sanity's colour chart looks, and I can certainly relate to Dahle and Stel's sentiments.

    Dahle - It is so tempting to keep a few projects that were originally inteneded as gifts. I have been asked to make some scarves but the yarn colours are so lovely, it will be a wrench to part with them unless I make replicas for myself!

    Stel - I agree that we have to consider the colour tastes of the recipients of our work. Do you ever struggle with colours that you don't like working with? How do determine the best colour for someone? I try to take discreet notice of clothing tastes or home decor but when people live far away, it is not that easy to find out without asking which makes surprise gifts tricky. What is your experience?