Thursday, 2 July 2015

Silk Mohair Scarf Delivery

Folded silk mohair scarf. Fold is on right hand side; floral fringe is on left hand side. The scarf has a lengthways wavy stripe pattern alternating in blue-greens and silver-greys.
Silk mohair scarf (folded)
designed by Jodiebodie

The latest silk mohair scarf has been delivered!

It is now available to peruse or purchase at Gallery M in the City of Marion, South Australia.

Sea Garden scarf against a weathered wooden trellis, hanging on coathanger three different ways: folded and threaded, simple knot, neck wrap.
Wear the scarf in different ways.

This scarf is of my own design with a little inspiration from Kristin Omdahl, author of The Finer Edge: Crochet Trims, Motifs & Borders (Interweave).  I do enjoy a good fringe, and the dainty flowers that dangle from my scarf are so pretty!

Pretty floral fringe!

As I was working this scarf, the colours of the wavy stripes kept reminding me of sea spray. That cool, exhilarating splash of the waves, I can see in the foamy silver threads, against a backdrop of blue sky reflected off a gentle sea.  

I can also see the fresh, tender, succulent leaves of new spring growth in the green; except it isn't spring. 

Horizontal view of the centre section of the scarf showing the wavy stripe pattern alternating blue-greens with silver-greys.
Wave pattern in centre section of scarf.

It is winter; with bare trees and few plants flowering.  I need  flowers to bring some cheer and hope on the cold, dark and damp days of winter when the warmth of a scarf is needed. 

Thus the colours of the ocean and the garden blend to bring a fresh, invigorating, uplifting smile. 

That's what this scarf does for me and I have named it the "Sea Garden Scarf".
Sea Garden Scarf with greenery behind it. Three ways of wearing (demonstrated on coathangers): draped over the shoulders, a simple knot, folded and threaded.
Different backdrops bring out the different colours in the scarf.
Compare the scarf against the greenery (above) with
the scarf against a weathered wooden trellis (below).
Sea Garden scarf against a weathered wooden trellis, hanging on coathanger three different ways: folded and threaded, simple knot, neck wrap.
Wear the scarf in different ways.

Scarf Specifications

Bottom half of scarf hanging down outdoors showing fringe and first pattern repeat. The scarf is coloured with vertical stripes of variegated blue-greens and silver-greys. Each strand of fringe has a flower motif on its end.
Sea colours
in the garden.

Dimensions: 165 cm x 16.5 cm 
(65 inches x 6.5 inches)

Yarn: Alchemy "Haiku" 40% silk 60% mohair 297 metres (325 yards) per 25 g hank
Secret Agent Blue 112c  approximately 12.5 grams / 148.5 metres (162.5 yards)
Diamonda 09c approximately 12.5 grams / 148.5 metres (162.5 yards)

Hooks: 5.5 mm, 5 mm, 4.5 mm and 4 mm bamboo in-line hooks. 

What is your favourite way to wear a scarf?



Alchemy Yarns of Transformation, PO Box 1080 Sebastopol, California 95473, USA:

Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre, 
287 Diagonal Road,  Oaklands Park SA 5046, South Australia, Australia:
New web site 2016: 
Phone: +618 8377 2904

Omdahl, Kristin, The Finer Edge: Crochet Trims, Motifs & Borders, ISBN 978 159668543 , ISBN-10 159668549,, Interweave, F+W, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, 2013.
Styled by Kristin (Kristin's web site):

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  1. Wow! Well done - I am sure it will be sold within days!

    Take care

    1. Hi Anne,
      The silk mohair scarves are popular because they are soft and warm, yet so light and easy to pack for travellers and tourists.
      Your encouragement is much appreciated. I took a bit of time to create the pattern and am currently translating my scribbled notes and drawings into a more formal document.
      How are you going with your projects? Have fun xx

  2. Replies
    1. You are too! We can have a 'scarf convention' this season with all of the scarves we are both making! :-) xxx

  3. I love that scarf, gorgeous, but I can imagine mohair being a bit of a pain to work with? xx

    1. Hi Sharon,
      It all depends on the type and quality of mohair. The 'Haiku' silk mohair is actually quite respectable unlike a synthetic mohair blend I've had which seemed to be 'stickier'. I've heard that putting mohair into the freezer for a while makes it easier to manage.
      I've collated quite a few tips about mohair on Lupey Loops as this conversation come up often. If you click on the 'mohair' tag in the word cloud, you will find all the posts that deal with mohair. Some have tips in the text, others have discussion in the comments (like this!) :-)
      I am glad you love the scarf - I do too and it took me a couple of weeks before I could let it go - I hope the next owner will enjoy it just as much. Cheers, xx