Saturday, 14 June 2014


So that's the end of a good run....

Just last week, I blogged about having back-up plans and today I put them into action as I found myself back in the hospital due to severe symptoms overnight.

I had managed to keep out of hospital for at least two years in a row, almost three - enough time for the entire emergency department to be renovated from top to bottom!

So today was my first experience of the 'new' facilities to find out what was going on with this stupid body of mine.

And so the tests began.

Then the waiting game for results. 

I had plans for the evening so I desperately hoped that there would be nothing seriously wrong and that I would be sent home by lunchtime.

The first results were fine and I was feeling ever hopeful of walking out later in the day until I was issued with a second wristband - an 'admissions band'.  

Two bands are not good. Hmmm. I figured, "I'm likely to be here for a while."

Fortunately I had the presence of mind to throw my current crochet project into the bag.  As I crocheted and my symptoms continued, I realised that I hadn't had a chance to take my regular medication for the day yet.

It occurred to me that I had remembered to bring my crochet but had forgotten to pack my medication!  What does that say about 'where my head's at'? Tsk tsk! So much for being responsible for my health.

One of the nurses attending me suggested, "You don't really see people doing crochet any more". To which I replied emphatically, "I do!"

I showed her my project because she was pregnant and I am making pretty little baby items [insert ooohs and aaaaahs here]. (Sorry I cannot post a picture as it is a gift and it's a secret, shh!) The nurse admired it and wished that she could crochet.

At last the final test results were returned with pleasing results. All of the major concerns were ruled out. The verdict was either the start of an infection that was too early to be detected by the standard tests or, most likely, just the mixed connective tissue disease doing what it randomly does.

Just as an orderly arrived to take me into a ward, I was given the green light to go home (yay!).   

Gee, that was a close call.  I'm still suffering symptoms but at least I know I am out of immediate danger.  

I'm eager to have a shower and remove those sticky sensor pads left by the heart monitors. 

The best part about hospital is getting home and having a 'de-banding' ceremony...

...and I made it in time for lunch!

This post is dedicated to Alicia of Brain Noodles who is also in hospital today. 
Special greetings to anyone who is reading this from a hospital bed. 
Wishing you kind treatment and a speedy recovery.


  1. Well done to you for doing the great escape. I hope whatever has been troubling you settles down and lets you get on with things. Just because you escaped hospital doesn't mean you are 'well' I know. Have a good weekend and keep going with the healing crochet.

    1. What a lovely message to come home to. You are exactly right about not being well despite a hospital discharge but I didn't let it stop me. If I stayed home every day I felt unwell I would never do anything!

      I did go out in the evening to see my football team win. I had a great time but I was still symptomatic. It must have been obvious because a mate remarked on how pale I looked.

      As I left the hospital the nurse queried my determination to go to the footy and I explained to him that I want to grab every opportunity and live every moment because any day I could end up back at the hospital. I was not going to miss a chance to get out and have fun.

      Sometimes the emotional benefit of nurturing the spirit outweighs the physical benefit of staying home and resting. Coincidentally, nurturing the spirit is the topic for tomorrow's blog post.

      I love your wording: "the great escape". I wonder if you know how true that is - I have made other famous 'escapes' from the hospital although not all of them finished as well as this one.

      Thanks for your support. Cheers, Jodie