Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Health Update

It has been 10 days since the Blip on my health radar and I have been struggling ever since.

You have to hand it to the wonderful doctors at the hospital - they were spot on with their diagnosis for, sure enough, within 48 hours I woke up with the first symptoms of a cold!

That was in addition to the original symptoms which took me to the hospital in the first  place. 

On that Monday (16 June), my GP diagnosed pleurisy, active SLE (lupus) and hypoadrenalism; most likely caused by exposure to a virus somewhere. 

We decided to avoid antibiotics for as long as possible (because I am allergic to most of them) and to 'wait and see'. 

My overactive immune system usually takes out any passing cold virus quick smart but the trick is in preventing it from taking me out along with it!

That means official rest orders and a change of meds for a while. In this instance, 'rest' means "no extras", not even hydrotherapy - just the basic daily tasks while trying to delegate everything else.
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I was also advised that "the excitement of a football match is not recommended for someone whose adrenal glands are not equipped to cope", quickly followed by the quip that, "football fans are all nutters!"  Thanks very much, Ms GP!

Quite frankly, I doubt that going to the football made any difference at all. My response to the football is the same in real life as on the telly, except I am happier at the football where I celebrate the ability to get out and about.

Learning to 'rest' can be very difficult when one is active with family and household responsibilities and the urge to be busy.  

This is where crochet helps my sanity, and, I must admit, on a wintry, wet, cold and stormy day, the thought of sitting on the sofa, cuppa and crochet in hand, is most attractive!


  1. Ah, Jodie, get well soon!
    Are you allowed to surf...the net? :-) check out the crochet:health survey at crochet concupiscence, i think 20/6.

    1. Hehehe Stel! Yes, I have seen the survey - been there, done that! ;-) Kathyrn does an excellent job in her niche field of crochet and craft in the context of health. I had noticed a long time ago the health benefits of crochet and was considering making that a blog theme. Shortly thereafter, I got to know Kathryn Vercillo (online) and discovered that she was already investigating the same area of interest and doing an excellent job too.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I agree that football was a good idea - feeling happy helps feeling better most of the time!
    Good luck with resting. I find it really hard to stop something without feeling bad, but it has to be done...
    What are you crocheting?
    Take care
    Anne http:// crochetbetweentwoworlds.blogspot.de

  3. Yes, feeling happy does help and I can get just as excited watching tv as at the game except I get more frustrated at the tv because I cannot see the whole field (only the tv camera's narrow view). Therefore being at the game is better for my blood pressure and stress levels - that's my excuse and I am sticking to it! hehe ;-)

    Three out of four projects from my basket are now complete - two of them completed yesterday, thanks to all the resting! I took photographs today but ran out of time to write a proper Crochet Update to go with the Health Update.

    Each item deserves its own blog entry. If you would like a clue as to which projects they are, you can see them in the Knitting & Crochet Blog Week entry "Conversations Between Workers" (http://www.lupeyloops.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/knitting-crochet-blog-week-2014-4.html).

    What are you crocheting? Are you making any more pretty mandalas, granny squares or beautiful blankets?

  4. Hello Jodie, I'm sorry to hear you are on total rest but I hope it does the trick sooner than you expect :-) Thank goodness for crochet and the blogosphere! I shall look forward to seeing what you have been making.
    Tracey xxx

  5. Bah, that sounds bad. I hope you're doing better now, four weeks later and the nasty virusses stay away from you. Best wishes x

    (going to stop spamming comments now :))

    1. Hahaha Amber ('spamming') :-) You can comment as much as you like, I don't mind.
      Glad to see you back in the blogosphere with some more posts on your blog. Love your natural dye colours. Good luck with the new batch. :-)
      BTW Feeling better at last just in the past few days. Thanks for the support. It helps.